MLM Team Building – Who To Work With

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • MLM Team Building – Who To Work With
  • The Two Questions That Save You Time and Frustration
  • How To Work With Large Teams Within Your Organization

MLM Team Building – Who To Work With

There are two questions I often get asked from networkers growing a team. They are:Q1: Who should I work with on my team? Q2: How long should I work with them? I’m answering these questions in today’s quick training, and some of the answers just might surprise you. Take a few minutes and watch the video because you’ll be able to start using this in your business within the next 20 minutes. Ok, let’s get started my Fearless Networker.

The Two Questions That Save You Time and Frustration

Let’s answer these two questions…Q1: How long should you work with someone? Answer: As long as they’re in the business.Q2: How do you know who to work with? For example: Let’s say you have 20 people on your team. Should you work with all 20 of them? Should you spend equal time between all 20 team members? My answer is NO. I’m going to work with the people through their actions who SHOW ME they want it. Now, does this mean if a person comes into the business and buys the highest package, you should focus your time working with them? Not necessarily. A simple rule of thumb is this…You want to spend your time working with people who are taking action in the business. Even if they’re brand new and they’re showing up on training calls. This is a good sign of someone who wants to do the business. Let’s look at…

How To Work With Large Teams Within Your Organization

Here’s a phrase that always stuck with me since I first heard it many years ago. “Work where you’re deserved and not where you’re needed.” What this means is that we work with the willing. People who join the business, buy products, and sit there and do nothing are not doing the business. Now, if this person contacts you seven months later and decides they want to do the business, you start working with them at this point. The other smart thing to do is look for leaders in your downline. Call them and introduce yourself. Let them know you’re here to help them any way you can, and you’re here for support if they need it. So when you’re working with your team, you’re going to work with the ones working the business. Now, if you’ve got a few thousand people working the business, you want to work with the leader of those people. I call this working with layers of leadership. It’s very important to ALWAYS keep an eye on what’s going on within your organization.

This episode, #141, it’s about “MLM Team Building – Who To Work With.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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