Closing Tips for Network Marketers

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Closing Tips for Network Marketers. Use These Tips for Increasing Your Closing Ratio.
  • Structuring Your Presentation for the Close, So It's Seemless for Your Prospects.
  • Adding Punch to Your Presentations, So You Close More People Right Off the Bat.

Closing Tips for Network Marketers

Before we dive deep into “closing”, let's first clear the air about what “selling” is. Selling is exchanging value… period. Selling is NOT, pushing people to buy things they don't want or need.

Most network marketers have this negative idea about what selling is. This negative idea is what prevents them from taking action and prospecting.

Once you understand that “selling” is helping people get what they WANT and NEED, then your world opens up. Suddenly, making presentations becomes effortless and fun.

Connecting with new people and finding out if they're a good fit for your business… becomes fun and exciting! The close starts with the very first part of connecting with your prospect.

You want to begin with the end in mind, then work your presentation backwards. This way everything lines up for the close. The truth is that “each-step” in the process is the close.

You're closing your prospect to ACTION at each step. Let's look at exactly how to start doing this.

Structuring Your Presentation for the Close

You want to design your presentations so that it delivers value for your prospect. Always leave someone better off than you found them. 

Build up each step in your presentation to lead to the next step. Clarity is key. Make sure your prospect understands exactly what's going on in the presentation… and that it's clear to them.

Remember, the flow is NOT… presentation and then close. The flow should be step 1 in the presentation. This then leads to step 2 of the presentation. This then leads to step 3 of the presentation. Then step 4 of the presentation is the close (or CTA – Call-TO-ACTION).

Every step has the same importance in the presentation. It should continuously flow from one step to the next in a seamless fashion.

Now, let's talk a little about… punching up your presentation so it's engaging and keeps your prospects interest.

Adding Punch to Your Presentation

I go more in depth in this weeks training so make sure you watch or listen to it. The bottom line is… does your presentation get people excited? 

One way to keep people engaged is to add emotion into your presentation. Then backup that emotion with logic. Make sure it all flows together and you'll see your closing ratio sore!

Remember, if you're looking at the “close” as this thing you're doing by itself, you'll have poor results. If you're looking at “each-step” is closing to the next step… your results will skyrocket!

It's part of the process and we're providing people with what they want and need. Then we're moving them through a system (A,B,C, etc)… so they gain knowledge and understanding about our products and services.

If you're not happy with your closing ratio now. Start using the tips I laid out for you in this training. Then watch your closing rate increase as you start to put more people into your business.

In this episode #41, It's all about… “Closing Tips for Network Marketers”. Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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