Creating Momentum with a Stagnant Team

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Creating Momentum with a Stagnant Team
  • Three Simple Concepts to Drive Your Business! 
  • NOW is the Time to Up YOUR Momentum Game!

Creating Momentum with a Stagnant Team

As a Network Marketer, you’ll experience ebbs and flows when building and growing your organization. But, what do you do when your team is stagnant? How do you get team members to take action?

Although those unavoidable cycles are commonplace in a business, they  can be frustrating. You can be the BEST sponsor in the world; however, the reality is some people sign up with great intentions, but eventually just tune out.

Today I want to share with you THREE SIMPLE CONCEPTS to drive your business and maintain momentum, and they are as follows:

First…The one thing you CAN control is getting new recruits and new customers. If your team is stagnant, go find NEW people. New people bring new energy and new excitement to you AND your team.

Second…Identify who you want to focus on. Once or twice a year I approach the entire team and ask, “Who wants to drive business? Who is dedicated to growing their team?”

By learning who is committed to their business momentum, you can identify who you want and need to focus on.

Third…Drive depth and volume in your organization by working with those that are already engaged in building their business. These are the people that want something BIG and are already working hard to get it!

It’s that simple. So, don’t get caught up in the frustration of trying to get disengaged people motivated. That’s not gonna work for you or them. Instead, concentrate on new business (both recruits and customers); existing, productive team members; AND help drive depth and volume under those active participants.

NOW is the Time to Up YOUR Momentum game! 

So, now you’re bringing in NEW people who are excited to build. You’ve determined who wants to RUN on your team. And, you’re DRIVING volume and depth in the organization.

I want to show you how to keep this going while upping YOUR momentum game!

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