Why People Are Turned Off By MLM

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why People are Turned off by MLM
  • What makes MLM work! 
  • How to Represent MLM as a Professional

Let's start the discussion…

Why are some people turned off by MLM?

Sometimes MLM gets a bad rap, so what can you do about it?

How do you change people’s perception of the MLM/Network Marketing industry?

Can you change a person’s negative perception of MLM?

There are many opinions about Network Marketing and here are a few, less flattering, statements I’ve heard over the years…

“It’s a pyramid scheme.”“ Only the people at the top make the money.”“ You have to get in early to be successful.”“ If you don’t get in the right time, you’ll miss it.” “It’s a scam.”

If you’ve been in Network Marketing any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve caught some, if not, all of these and more!

Let’s explore these opinions a little deeper. 

How can someone have a negative attitude towards MLM, having never done it themselves? Seems ridiculous right?! Well, it happens all the time.

  • Hearsay:

Some people simply hear negative stories through the grapevine and blindly adopt an assumption based on other’s experiences.

  • Boundaries:

You can be excited about your organization and want to share it with the world. You know it’s an opportunity to help friends and family and you see the potential for your own success. However, remember that your Network Marketing business does not have to be the only thing you talk about. You do not want to turn people off by only talking about and/or pitching your business all the time. Create boundaries for yourself in order to keep others from running away from you. There is a time and place for the topic; know when to turn off.

  • Experiences:

Some judgements are based on personal experiences. Let’s say you have a friend in MLM that has tried to sell you a product or to recruit you. Your friend is fired up with their new product or service, but after a few months quit the business. That would make you believe the business doesn’t work, right? It couldn’t have been your excited friend’s doing…there must have been something wrong with the business.

Do you see how your friend’s behavior and lack of commitment could give a person the wrong impression regarding the profession?

  • Commitment:

People often join Network Marketing with the best intentions, but ultimately don’t do anything with it after they join. When friends and relatives witness a fading enthusiasm, lack of engagement or dwindling momentum it can cause them to build a negative opinion about the profession.

Plainly said, “Network Marketing works for the people that work it.”

“Network Marketing works for the people that work it.”

Everyone doesn’t succeed equally or at the same pace. It seems like it goes without saying, but to build a successful business you’ve got to focus on the activates that will grow your organization.  And, you’ve got to stick with it over an extended period of time. In other words, work the business and give it your all!

  • The Shiny Object:

Some individuals get distracted by the “shiny object”, the latest and greatest product or service. They skip around from company to company “never actually planting their flag.” It is extremely difficult to succeed without stability.

Plant Your Flag

Jordan Adler, a legend in the profession, dear friend and author of the wildly successful Beach Monday and Better Than Beach Money once shared with me that he jumped around, in something like, 11 or 12 companies without making any money in MLM. In retrospect he realized that his problem was not with the companies, but was that he was always quitting. Jordan ultimately found success by NOT quitting, planting the flag and working the business.

 A Brilliant Business Model 

In every industry, businesses fail every day, everywhere…restaurants, technology, construction, entertainment, etc. The MLM business model is a BRILLIANT way to move products and services and is a legitimate business model that is proven to provide the end user great value.

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