Do Short Videos Get Better Results?

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In this episode, “Do Short Videos Get Better Results on Social Media?” let's answer…

  • What's the difference between a short and long video?
  • Do short videos get better results?
  • What makes a video successful?

Last week someone reached out to me and asked the question, “Do short videos get better results on social media?”

In short…yes. (Pun intended.) But, not always. As a general rule, shorter videos get better results because they are easier to consume, take less time and are viewed to completion than longer videos.

Video content dominates on social media. Short videos are quick and easy to consume, making them perfect for the fast-paced, online world. With that being said, what’s a short video? 3-minutes, 2-minutes, 60-seconds, 30-seconds?

And, you may hear the terms “short video” and “short-form video” used interchangeably. What's the difference AND the norm?

First, let's define what we mean by “short” also referred to as “short-form” videos. Typically, short videos are 60 seconds or less, and they are designed to capture the viewer's attention quickly. Longer videos, on the other hand, tend to be more than 60 seconds and require a more significant time commitment from the viewer.

In other words…short videos capture the viewer’s attention quickly while long videos require a time commitment.

But do short videos really get better results than longer ones? Let's see! 

1. Engagement

Check this out! According to a study by Vidyard, videos that are less than 90-seconds long have an average engagement rate of 59%, compared to just 24% for videos that are longer than 30-minutes. That’s telling, isn’t it? This means that viewers are more likely to watch the ENTIRE short video, which results in higher engagement.

2. Shareability

Another reason short videos get better results is their shareability. Short videos are easier to share on social media platforms, and viewers are more likely to share a short video than a longer one.

Here’s a little background on that.  A study by Wistia found that videos that are less than 2-minutes long are shared 26% more than videos that are longer than 2-minutes. This means that short videos have a higher potential to go viral, resulting in increased brand awareness and reach.  Sounds like shorter videos are superior, doesn’t it?

3. Completion Rate

Short videos also have a higher completion rate than longer videos. This means that viewers are more likely to watch the entire video, rather than clicking away after a few seconds.

And to support that statement, here's one more fact. According to a study by Facebook, videos that are 15-seconds or shorter have a 73% completion rate, compared to just 53% for videos that are longer than 1-minute. The higher completion rate is due to the lower time commitment required for short videos, making them easier to consume.

To wrap it up, short/short-form video is ideal as it is more consumable, shareable, and quicker to watch with makes it easier to complete. Therefore, more likely to go viral!

There’s a time and a place for longer videos, but pound for pound…short-form video provides better results.  And…I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather produce a bunch of highly engaging, shared, viral, finished to completion, 1-minute videos than stress over making a 10- or 15-minute video. Less work, more results. It's a WIN-WIN!

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