Don’t Be Afraid to Collect Decisions from Fence-Sitting Prospects

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Don't you just love it when you have a prospect that just hovers??  They haven't said no…they haven't said yes.   They're just sitting their on your fence…staring at you (figuratively, of course).

You need not be afraid of collecting decisions from fence-sitting prospects.

A client came to me the other day and said, “Todd…I'm having  a lot of conversations.  I'm getting my presentation out in front of a lot of people…but many of them are fence sitters.  What do I do?  They haven't said ‘yes'.  They haven't said ‘no'.  I don't know what to do with these people!”

These prospects that are in limbo…not having said yes or no, can be a bothersome deal for people.  A prospect on the fence can keep a networker's hopes up.

“Who knows?  Maybe they'll join!” 
“I guess we'll wait and see what they do.”
“I sure hope they get back to me and sign up.”
“What's with this person? Are they ever going to get back to me…or what??” 

Rule #1:  Never Wait Around for a Decision.  Collect it. 

First of all…we NEVER wait for the business or the decision.  We go collect it.  This is YOUR business.  You don't need to allow your prospects to rule over you.  When you approach them about your business…they expect that there will be a logic end to the process.  So…it's your job to collect a decision from them.

So…what is it that we do with fence-sitting prospects?  Its like unfinished business.  They're not in…but they're not out.  This is frustrating for lots of people.

People who are in limbo take up emotional space in your mind.  It keeps up false up in the minds of many sales people and network marketers.

One thing for sure is this.  You have to be O.K. with getting a decision…whether it is a YES…or a NO.  In fact, the moment you embrace the idea that you're simply in the business of collecting decisions from people, and either answer is fine…you'll be in a lot better head space.

When you have a bunch of people stacking up who haven't given you a FIRM decision…a “YES…I am in” or a “No…I'm not doing this”…you simply end up with a bunch of people that are taking up space in your mind.  Imagine having 100 prospects that haven't told you YES or NO…and all you can do is think about those 100 people?

I personally have no problem calling a person up and saying something like, “Bob…this is Todd Falcone getting back to you.  You've been looking at my business for the past month.  Are you ready to run, or is this something you don't want to pursue for now?”

Why be afraid of getting an answer.  Don't be meek here.  Be honest and open…and simply ASK.

“Bob…just so you know, either answer is fine by me.  If it's YES…cool.  I'd love to work with you.  If it's NO…I want you to know it's o.k. to say No to me.  You won't hurt my feelings if you say this isn't for you.”

For some of your prospects…especially people that are close to you, that will be just the kicker they need to say, “Phew!  I'm so glad you said that.  It's just not for me Todd, but I didn't want to let you down.”

I'd much rather get a NO from a prospect than have someone lead me on.

“John…are you in or are you out?  What's the verdict?” 

You may think that's too strong or too direct, but again…it's YOUR business, and YOUR time.  In or out?

Rule #2:  Don't Wait too Long to Get Back to Them.  

Regardless of whether you have a fence-sitting prospect or simply a prospect you're getting back to…don't wait.  This isn't about pressuring anyone to do anything.  But…we do need to show ‘through our actions' how serious and committed we are to our business.  So…if you prospect someone and it takes you two weeks to get back to that person, they're less likely to join you because they probably won't see you as someone who is super serious about your business.

Rule #3:  Never Get Emotional or Angry with Someone's Decision

I'm serious here.  You cannot get mad or show anger or disappointment if someone decides to engage with you.  You not only need to be O.K. with getting a NO from a prospect…you need to EMBRACE it JOYFULLY!  I know that sounds weird.

I'm not saying that you need to throw a party every time you get a NO.  But…it is a cause for a mini celebration.  You collected a decision.  And…

…and get this.

One of the BEST things you can do is be TOTALLY OK AND HAPPY TO GET A NO FROM A PROSPECT.

Here's why…

When a prospect sees that you are totally O.K….in fact almost HAPPY to get a NO from them, they wonder.  They begin to wonder…“hmmm…why is Todd so happy to have me say NO to him?  That's odd.  Wait…maybe this thing he has going on IS really good.  Maybe I should take another look at it.  After all…if he's so cool with getting a NO from me, his business MUST be doing good!”

You see the thoughts there?  When we're not only fine with getting a NO, but totally happy to get one…people begin to wonder.

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