Don’t Quit your Job to Do Network Marketing

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I get it. You want to make a full time income in your network marketing business business.  You may not like your job.

Who knows?  You may even HATE working for someone else, and despise the idea of going to work every day.  But…guess what?  Right now, your job pays you.  In fact…if your job is helping you to pay your bills, stay on top of things financially, and putting food on your table, you shouldn't consider quitting just yet.  In fact, your network marketing business is actually better off by you keeping your job, if you're only earning a little bit.

I had a guy at an event here in South Africa this past week that came up to me telling me how much he hated his job, how over-worked he was, and how he really wanted to do his network marketing business full-time.  I told him NOT to quit his job…yet.

Lots of people want to work full-time in network marketing.  That's a GOOD thing.  The freedom that comes along with being self-sufficient and self-employed is priceless.  But, there's a time and a place for it.

And…it may not be just now. Here's more on that story…and something for you to think about before you make the rash decision to leave your current work situation to do your network marketing business full-time.

This is a super good network marketing training tip for everyone involved in this profession.

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