One of the Dumbest Things I Ever Did in MLM

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So…we all have to start someplace, right?

And…it's super important that we LEARN from our mistakes.  Some people learn.  Some never do.  Some are never taught…so they can never learn.  Some KNOW better, but still do.  Like for example, my friend “Pete”.  We'll call him that for now…as I do in the video below.

Think back to the first day you got yourself involved in Network Marketing or Direct Sales.

You're excited.  You've just seen an opportunity to change the quality of your life, beyond what you would have ever thought possible, and you start DOING something with your business.  That's a GOOD thing.

What's NOT a good thing is when we do stuff that gives our profession a bad name.  To me…the profession of network marketing is the greatest place to be.  Big upside, very little risk…small start up fees.  Wait.

It costs $50 to $500 on average to start in a network marketing company.  That pretty much qualifies anyone to get in if they have even a little bit of room left on a credit card.

I was able to do it 25 years ago with a swipe.  You probably did it too.

Here's the thing.  I had NO experience  NONE.  I had ZERO business acumen.  NONE.  I had NOTHING except the desire to do something with my business.

I made lots of mistakes…in fact, I made ‘almost' the same mistake “Pete” made that I reference in this video, but I learned from it quickly.

What boggles my mind is that “Pete” has been in our profession for several years…and knows better, but still does what he does, continue to perpetuate an image that we desperately need to change in our profession.

Watch this video and give me your feedback please.

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