Easy Ways To Improve Your Video Quality

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Easy Ways To Improve Your Video Quality
  • The Basics Of Producing Better Quality Video
  • The Key To Having A Great Background

Easy Ways To Improve Your Video Quality

Today, we’re living in the video age. There’s a ton of video content being produced on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, etc. What I see most people doing (and I’m guilty of this when I first started) is simply flipping on the camera and shooting their video. There’s no thought of the framing, the background, or even how the audio sounds. The challenge with this is most of the time; it doesn’t look or sound that great. It’s not good for a first impression, especially when you’re communicating with your audience. Heck, if you go back through all the hundreds of videos I’ve created, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in the videos’ look, feel, and sound. You want the look, feel, and sound of your video to be top-notch. And the best part is, I’m going to give a few shortcuts to help you get there right away. In today’s quick training, I’m going to share some easy ways to improve your video quality. Let’s get into it now.

The Basics Of Producing Better Quality Video

Here are a few of the basics to help you start producing quality videos. Good lighting. The goal here is not to have shadows and be well-lit. The other thing you want to do is have your camera positioned well. I recommend using a tripod for this so you can adjust it exactly where you want it.The next tip is about composition. There’s something called the rule of thirds (Google this for specifics). Make sure you watch my video above, where I go into more detail on this. For those in a hurry, you want to position yourself, so you’re in the top 3rd of the frame. Now, let’s talk about your background in the video.

The Key To Having A Great Background

Having a great background is essential. You don’t want your background to be distracting. For example, If there were a giant bush behind my head in the background, I’d look like a human chia pet. It would distract the viewer, and they’d most likely miss my message in the video. I’d also recommend you take some time and create a specific space to make all your videos.

This way, you have the background, lighting, and sound always ready to go. Speaking of sound, I recommend a lavalier mic that clips on your shirt when doing on-camera work. Again, make sure you watch my video above because I go over some more options for mics. This episode, #119, it’s about “Easy Ways To Improve Your Video Quality.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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