Ethics in Network Marketing

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O.K. So, I'm going to bitch a little bit on this blog post. I got an email recently from someone who is relatively new to the profession of network marketing who seemed to be under the impression that ALL the Heavy Hitters, Players, Big Wigs, etc. build their businesses by cross-line recruiting.

In other words, going after someone in another company who is already active in that OTHER company and persuading them to move over because their “deal” is better.

First of all, let me say this. I think that is a bullshit way of recruiting. BTW…I have no other word to express it, so please forgive my language if you find that offensive.

Here's what I know is FACT about top PROFESSIONALS in our industry. And…I mean “professionals”, not amateurs or want to be's:

1. They pick a company and bust their tail.

2. They remain totally focused and look at the long-term.

3. They remain steadfast in their determination to make THAT company work.

4. They don't opportunity shop to see if the “grass is greener” someplace else.

I could go on and on regarding other aspects of top professionals, but that is pretty simple.

Now…here's what I think is B.S.:

1. Attacking someone's downline in another company for your own personal benefit. Unless…and only IF that company is having MAJOR problems or going DOWN would I target someone's group. Remember the Golden Rule! Do unto others as you'd have done to you. Let me ask you this question. I'm pretty damn good at prospecting, recruiting and closing business. How would YOU like it if a guy of my caliber and experience attacked your group? I'm sure you know the answer.

2. Putting down other companies. Why do it? It is stupid, foolish, dumb and downright idiotic. Now…again, if the company is CRAP, and there certainly are some companies that are poopish, then speak your opinion if you feel the need. Also…if it isn't NECESSARY to say, don't say it. Do you want a reputation of trash talking other companies?

3. Using Income Claims to Incent Participation. No big earner who is really making big money brags about their checks. Oops. Actually, some do. But, do you want to be a braggard running around showing your check as a means of attracting people to your business. Pretty weak way of marketing, isn't it?

4. Buying Genealogy Lists as a primary means of recruiting. I have never been a proponent of this tactic, ever. First of all, you are buying “stripped” information. In other words, you get the name, phone and email and virtually nothing else. You don't know if they ever built that business, how many people they recruited, how much volume they were doing, or if they just signed up and never did anything. I find people who work genealogy lists as a primary means of recruiting more often frustrated than productive.

5. Using Forums, Social Networks and Online Communities SPECIFICALLY with the intent to Recruit. I think participating in all of the above is great. Forums and communities are a great place to interact, get to know other people and provide some valuable personal insight, as well as learn a few things. But, going in JUST to recruit people is counter-productive. Also…using things like or for the sole purpose of recruiting and NOT contributing anything decent is a joke. Those are SOCIAL NETWORKING sites where you CAN build relationships, but not meant to be a SPAM house of recruiting for your business. Follow the rules and you're good. Breaking these rules will get you booted.

BTW…I'm about ready to come out with a new product about BREAKING the Rules, but it has NOTHING to do with being unethical or acting improperly.

Here's how I made my money in Network Marketing:

– I started and never quit.

– I worked on my skills.

– I studied the profession hard and focused on my personal development and education on success in business.

– I prospected my tail off and never stopped.

– I was ALWAYS an upline Sponsor who understood that being a sponsor required RESPONSIBILITY. In other words, when I enroll someone, I work with them and don't send them out to be slaughtered in the marketplace.

…nuff said. See ya on the next post.

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