The Key To Connecting by Keith Ferrazzi

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Keith Ferrazzi is a NETWORKER. Keith has relationships with lots of big names in business and entertainment among his 5,000 plus people in his Palm that will take his phone call. Keith's book, Never Eat Alone, talks about what it takes to connect with people, a vital skill in building a large Network Marketing business.

The article below had a funny quote from Keith that I thought you would enjoy.


The crowd of Harvard Business School alums who gathered at their reunion to hear networking expert Keith Ferrazzi speak earlier this summer might have expected to pick up strategies on how to work a room, remember people's names, or identify mentors. But tactical skills, it turns out, aren't what turned Ferrazzi into a bestselling author or sought-after speaker.

Instead Ferrazzi let his fellow alums in on a little secret. The key to connecting, he told the group, is “not being an a**hole.” And the most effective path he's found? Meditation. Exercise and prayer work too, he said, but meditation has been so effective that he now spends ten days every year at a silent meditation retreat. In other words, the man whose latest book is “Never Eat Alone” credits much of his success to alone time.

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