Everybody’s Perfect…Didn’t you know that?

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Ponder this…would ya?  Seriously…let this sink deeply into your soul and give some consideration here. 

Obviously…nobody is perfect. 

No one human being is perfect. 

No company is perfect. 

There is the strive toward perfecting…but I highly doubt any of us will ever find, see or meet the absolute “perfect” person or “perfect” company. 

 The real reason I am discussing this is that while many people work on perfecting the things that they do and while company owners often strive to create the “perfect” opportunity, it simply isn't ever going to happen. 

Good, great, excellent, exceptional may be words we could use to describe some companies when looking at them on a macro scale. 

 Crappy, shitty, ridiculous, and pathetic may be words we would use to describe other companies who simply fail to do anything right. 

Why am I saying all this???

Well…because I meet distributors ALL the time who have complaints.  These are SUCCESSFUL distributors.  Some of them are HUGE earners.  I just have to shake my head.  Perfection would be great, wouldn't it? 

The reality is again, there will be no perfect company, where everything all the time is absolutely flawless.  People run companies.  People have flaws.  Therefore, companies will have flaws. 

If you are with a company that overall is on the “good” end, doing things mostly right, doing a good job in the marketplace, and generally an overal good, upstanding citizen in the field of network marketing, stay put.  Don't look.  Put your head down and focus. 

Looking around for the ideal situation is only going to put you behind even further.  The longer you wait to take action, ther further behind you become.  As each day ticks by, you have one day less in your life to create a significant impact. 

Nothing is perfect.  I'm not.  You're not.  You're current company isn't.  The next company isn't either. 

Now…having said all that, if your company is a dog, that is an entirely different story.  If they suck, then go find a company that doesn't.  If they are liars, then go find someone who isn't .  

Eyes wide open.  Focused.  Head down.  On track.   

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