Schemes, Scams, Gifting Programs and Money Games…

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I am a HUGE proponent of capitalism in America.  I LOVE network marketing and direct selling.

But…what's with all the crap out there?

Seriously…I cannot believe the kind of shit that is promoted out there as a ‘legitimate' way of making ‘long-term' money.

I get calls every week from people who offer to ‘slide me in' to a position.  Kinda sounds like either baseball or porn to me.  “Why don't you just ‘secure' a position Todd?”  Or…”Todd, you might as well just ‘take a spot' and see what happens.”

Look…I'm all about business.  But, NOT business that rapes and pillages people for their money.  Legitimate business takes time to build.

When I hear names like “Cash Gifting Machine”or “The Mega Cash Generator”,  I seriously want to puke.

Most of my readers have one thing in mind…to make a nice life for themselves and their families and to get out of the drudgery of working for someone else.

WARNING:  This is a PERSONAL warning.  If you are one of those ‘chasers' who are playing these little money games trying to convince yourself that they are legit, I guarantee you that you will fail.  You will get SCREWED.  Or worse, you'll bring a friend in, have them lay down their $2000 or whatever it costs, and they'll be screwed.  Not a good way to keep your friends.

My advice to you.  Pick a good company with a real product and put your head down.  Put your blinders on and bust your ass.  There is no ‘easy' way to create wealth.  If there was, everybody would be doing it.

Look out for companies that have to say 100% legal in their advertisements.  Why would you even have to say that?  100% real.  O.k.

100% chance of getting shut down and left in the cold is what I have to say.

Simple.  Be smart.  Do your homework.  Ask some REAL experts.  Get the facts.  Don't be blinded by your own desire to create change.  You need to have clear vision.

There are tons of great opportunities out there.

Thanks for letting me vent…

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