Facebook and Network Marketing Don’ts

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Facebook and Network Marketing:  What Not to Do

There are right things to do…and there are some very wrong things to do when it comes to Facebook and Network Marketing.

You know something interesting?  I produced this video a few years ago…and yet I still see this happening all the time. When it comes to Facebook and Network Marketing, you don't want to be like this guy.

As ridiculous as this video is, this stuff occurs daily when you combine Facebook and Network Marketing.

I had to re-post this today, because it is still so commonplace and amateurish, and based on something that just got blasted onto my Facebook wall.

We owe it to the people of the world to share with people why they don't want to be like this Buzzy Boxer character…who does nothing but turn people off and make the profession of network marketing, look more like the Gong Show (if you're old enough to remember it).

Let's all do the network marketing world a favor and teach people to:

  • Not post links on other's walls.
  • Not to blatantly be all business-business-business.
  • Build real relationships with people, not logos.
  • Tag people appropriately.

Feel free to forward this to whomever needs to see it.  I'm re-posting this because someone who I've known for eons…and has been in this game for at least 12 years, tagged me and at least 100 others in a post that said, “message me for details.”  NOT a good way to build a flourishing relationship.

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