The Kiss of Death in Network Marketing

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I hate using DRAMA in headlines, unless it's totally called for.

This situation is so dramatic, it's why I call it the Kiss of Death in Network Marketing.

Make sure you watch this video, and LEARN from this experience.

This isn't a joke.  This is no ploy.  This is FACT.  If you have the unfortunate opportunity to experience this, then you will know how devastating it really is to your business.  I hate being negative, but it's what will move you to NOT do this!

This video is short…and it is something you should absolutely be thinking about if you are in this profession and want to succeed, and most importantly, have some peace of mind when you go to bed at night.

This video was spurred by a client phone call today.  I'd more likely call it a “panic” call, because that's exactly what she sounded like on the phone with me.

There are a LOT of bad decisions, choices or “daily simple errors in judgment” as Jim Rohn would call it that we can make that causing our business to suffer, but I have to say that this one is at the very TOP of the list.

To completely avoid the Kiss of Death in Network Marketing, remember this.

Whatever you do to get you there, is exactly what you'll do to get out of there.

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