Fearless Networker Spotlight: Jennifer Moran

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jennifer moranIn this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we're featuring Jennifer Moran, a former pharmaceutical sales rep who accidentally turned a modest church contribution into a thriving career and is currently the number one income earner in her company.

The Fearless Networker: Welcome! Let’s jump in and get to know one another a bit better. Do you have any unusual or impressive talents you’d like to share with us? Something about yourself that would surprise everyone?

Jennifer Moran: I am an extremely good roller skater! And, when I was younger was actually a member of a dance skating team which is like a combination of speed skating and roller derby. The team would get in a long line, pick up speed and go around the rink then break into a choreographed dance, all on skates. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but since we didn’t have cell phones at the time, I don’t have video of it.

jennifer moranDuring that same time, rap music was really becoming popular; rappers like Run DMC. In fact, I know every word to the Sugarhill Gang's “Rapper’s Delight”! At anytime, I could be called upon to perform a rap song, acapella, on demand and nail it. I love old school rap music!

The Fearless Networker: What would you say is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 

Jennifer Moran: At the time it didn't feel very courageous, but looking back upon it I realize that is WAS courageous. My parents were older when they had me, so I ended up losing my dad when I was 16 and in high school. Then when I was in college, I lost my mom at the age of 22. I had no choice but to move forward after those loses.

My parents raised me to be strong and independent. They gave me the sense that at the end of the day, I am God's child. I have always known that God loves me and has a plan for me, even if my parents aren't here. I have never felt alone. So, I don't give myself all the credit because at the end of the day, that courage came from God.

The Fearless Networker: What's the last thing you geeked out about? 

Jennifer Moran: The biggest thing for me, that I've geeked out about lately, is learning more about social media marketing. I am following those who are successfully utilizing social media and have been intrigued by what I've learned from leaders in the profession.

jennifer moranI feel like there has been a shift. Nowadays, people want everything delivered to their door; they don't want to leave their house anymore. I'm not saying that group meetings, one-on-one's at the coffee shop and home meetings are irrelevant; they are still the right answer for the right occasion. But, in a lot of cases, our profession is moving from traditional practices to utilizing social media for those interactions.

We are now creating online communities and using social media platforms to connect with people and apply those connections to drive attendance to live events. And, to spread the word faster and more efficiently about our products and what they can do. 

I'm really into collecting tips and tricks to social media marketing. Changes are constant in online marketing and varied platforms and, therefore, it is imperative to stay on top of it. To move forward, one has to remain hip and relevant. I don't care if you like a particular social media platform or not, you've got to know it and utilize it!

jennifer moranThe Fearless Networker: What were you doing BEFORE you got involved in Network Marketing?

Jennifer Moran: I graduated from Texas Tech in 1989 and worked for Dun & Bradstreet until I was recruited to go into medical sales focusing on hospice services. Later, I transferred into medical equipment sales, traveling three weeks each month. I then moved into pharmaceutical sales, calling on all specialties at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, the largest in the world.

The Fearless Networker: How did you FIRST get introduced to the Network Marketing profession?

Jennifer Moran: It was at the time when I was commuting 45 minutes twice a day, professionally burnt out and married with three kids under the age of eight, one of which was a newborn. It was stressful, trying to juggle kids and work. I relied on daycare and camps and ultimately felt like a bad mom so I had applied for a hospital rep position that would have allowed me more flexibility and to work from home a few days a week. 

I was one of two being considered for the position in which I had applied, however, the other candidate had a personal connection with the individual in charge of hiring and he ultimately got the job. I was devastated, but a dear friend said to me, “Man's rejection is God's protection.” I couldn't see it then, but that philosophy turned out to be right. 

jennifer moranShortly thereafter, I received an offer from a former business associate; it was great pay and everyone already involved had proven, successful careers so I took the job as my exit plan. I thought in four years I'd have enough stock options to retire.

Through this avenue I met an associate who became and is still one of my best friends. She told me that she had an incredible business opportunity to share. I thought, it's a pyramid scheme, and was NOT interested at all! She hounded me for almost two weeks before I would give her the time to chat about it. I really just wanted to save her from herself.

The Fearless Networker: Being skeptical about the profession, what changed your mind about Network Marketing?

jennifer moranJennifer Moran: When we finally spoke, she struck a nerve with me. She boiled it down to one of four things as to why someone would join a Network Marketing company: 1. A person doesn't have enough time. 2. Doesn't have enough money. 3. Wants to grow relationships. 4. A person has an association in which he or she desires to participate in or contribute to.

I had money, she knew that, so she didn't pitch money. What she pitched was the relationship. She knew I was passionate about my church and that it had currently purchased property in need of funding to develop. She knew I wanted to contribute to the church-building campaign and suggested that I get involved just enough to give a modest monthly contribution to the church.

Honestly, I worked it as a hobby. The residual income kicked in after a few months and I was able to direct deposit $300 per month into the church-building campaign. After about three months I forgot about the business and quit building. But, the monthly residual was still being deposited into the church account.

jennifer moranMy upline kept calling and leaving messages. When he finally got me on the phone, he instructed me to look at my back office. The last time I looked I had 39 associates. To my surprise, I learned that in four months my business had grown to 182 associates and commissions had raised from $300 to $1,200. Mind you, that $1,200 per month was still being direct deposited into the church fund. THAT was the moment I became mentally unemployable.

Here's what was life-changing…it happened WITHOUT me. There was no way I could have gone on a four month vacation, never checked in with my boss, did whatever I wanted, and receive a raise when I returned, let alone still have a job! I knew that THIS was my way out.

jennifer moranThe Fearless Networker: How long have you been involved in the Network Marketing profession, how many people have you personally enrolled into your current company and what is the size of your organization?

Jennifer Moran: I've been in profession for 14 years. It took about eight years in Network Marketing to get the training and experience I needed to get laser-focused.

I've personally sponsored a lot of people, but have never counted and know it's in the hundreds. My frontline spans well over 20 people, with some key and active leaders. I've strategically built my team by focusing on areas and regions. According to my back office, I have close to 7000 people in my organization, the largest team in my company.

jennifer moranThe Fearless Networker: You mention a strategic approach; how do you utilize that to build a successful business? 

Jennifer Moran: When you focus on the individuals that really want it, you identify leaders. By building leaders, the leaders will build the business.

The Fearless Networker: What does a typical day in your life look like?

Jennifer Moran: It's different than it used to be. I try to start my day focusing on the following five key components: gratitude, affirmation, personal development, exercise, and meditation. I focus on those and use them as a foundation so that the day doesn't control me. 

jennifer moranEveryday, remind yourself of what you're thankful for, affirm yourself with acknowledging who you are, become a student of the profession, exercise if you are able and meditate for 20 minutes. If, for some reason, I can't start my day with some or all of these components, I try to finish my day with them.  

Throughout the day I assist my team, recruit via FaceBook & FaceBook Messenger, leave audio messages with those in my pipeline, work with my own personal recruits, go through and respond to messages from people on my team, host and attend leader chats, participate in 3-way calls and overall work with the team where needed.

The Fearless Networker: What brings you joy and/or feeds your passion?

Jennifer Moran: I feel a sense of duty to the many friends and family members that work with me. I want them to not only succeed, but for my company to excel and become a household name. I'm in this to not only change lives, but to change legacies. 

jennifer moranThe Fearless Networker: What makes you happiest and most effective when working with others?

Jennifer Moran: I'm a big believer in equipping my team and giving them the best tools possible. Consistent tools and training is critical to success. I believe a lot of people get into this profession for the flexibility, however, one has to balance that with routine.

When we love one another, we lift each other up. I have a tight group of people supporting one another. The mantra, which has always served me well and I live my life by is, “A rise in tide raises all ships.”

The Fearless Networker: That is a wise mantra that we can apply in all aspects of life. Jennifer, thank you for your time and for sharing your journey with us!

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