Fearless Networking Chapter 1: The Foundation of your Success

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I wrote Fearless Networking to be used as a training tool for distributors in the field who wanted a simple tool to teach their reps how to master the fundamentals of business building in network marketing.

This book was written to be short…on purpose.  It's 109 pages from cover to cover and can be read (the first time) in a single sitting.  I'm sure I could have written a novel and made this harder than it has to be…but I chose to keep it simple and to the point.

Chapter 1:  The Foundation of your Success

In the first chapter of Fearless Networking,  I talk about the importance of building your business on a solid foundation of belief.  It's very difficult to do something that you don't even think is possible…or that you don't believe in.

Belief and doubt cannot exist in the same space.  When you have doubt…even a lingering and tiny bit of it, you're in a losing position.  The POWER position to be in is to be 100% convicted, and in a total state of belief about the profession of network marketing, your company, your products…and lastly, you.

One of the BIGGEST STRUGGLES people have in network marketing is getting over the “stigma” associated with the profession…some of which is well-justified and some is not.  If you're afraid to admit, “I am a network marketer!”, then you're likely struggling from a lack of belief in this profession.  Something is still missing for you.

“People do not follow or do business with individuals that lack confidence or are unclear in the direction they are heading.”

Until YOU buy your story, no one else is going to buy from you or want to do business with you.

Six Ways to Build Beliefs

  1.  Immerse yourself in Success.  Beliefs grow as you do.  The more you surround yourself with positive, successful people who are supportive and encouraging, the more likely you are to grow in your beliefs of achieving success.
  2. Actively Build your Knowledge and Put it to Use.  Knowledge is powerless until you put it to use.  You can't make money on the things you didn't do from the things you've learned.  Action counts.
  3. Create and Collect Stories.   Beliefs grow when they're evidenced by results.  When you see an individual get results on your product or in your business, it builds on your belief.
  4. Take Action Daily.   Your consistent daily actions and efforts in building your business directly contribute to growing your personal confidence.
  5. Practice!  How many times have you heard me say how important it is to PRACTICE.  You'll never get good or develop confidence and belief in something you choose not to work on.  Start working on getting better.
  6. Regularly Attend Events.  The more plugged-in you are, the better off you'll be.  Events are fuel for your tank.  They fill you up…and just like a car, require regular visits to the gas station for another full tank of fuel.

I can't express to you enough how important it is for you to WORK ON building your beliefs in those four key areas I mentioned earlier.  Once you find yourself in that totally, convicted belief-state…you literally become unstoppable!

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