When you Peak, you’re Weak

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The moment you play the game, “You Show me your deal, I'll show you mine”…you lose.

You've just played your entire hand.  You showed your card.  And…the card says, “I'm weak, and not 100% pot committed to my opportunity.  I'm still open.”

We meet other network marketers all the time in this profession.  If you allow yourself to crack that door open, the other person may very well jam their foot in your door and bust it wide open.

If you're open, then look.
If you're not…DON'T.  Don't even think about it.  When you do do this…all you're doing is saying “my business isn't really going that well.

Put your BLINDERS on.  Stop looking.  The grass is greener where you water it.

It's a foolish, time wasting game to play this whole “If you show me your product and opportunity, I'll show you what I've got too.”

Now…if you're legitimately looking to consume or use someone else's product or service…that's one thing.  But…most of time time this happens, you're simply opening the door and playing your card which says, “I have a crappy hand.” 

When you peak, you're weak.  Blinders on.  Head down.  Focused.

Think about the STRENGTH it shows when you don't even consider looking.  When you say, “Listen…I appreciate your enthusiasm and your commitment and you wanting me to take a look at your opportunity, but I am 100% NOT recruitable.  I don't even look at other businesses…because I am completely focused on mine, and have no plans to deviate.  So…even taking the time to look at your opportunity is something I don't have the time to do.  But…I wish you the best of luck what you're doing.”

That kind of response shows strength, commitment, conviction…and makes the other person think, “Wow…they MUST have something good going on if they're not even willing to take a peak.”

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