Fearless Networking Chapter Two: Understanding Why People Buy

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As I go through each chapter my Fearless Networking book, I am pulling out chunks of content and putting it on video for you guys.  Chapter two…while short and easy to read, is a DOOZY!

Chapter Two:  Why People Buy

One of THE most important things for anyone in sales…regardless of whether you're doing traditional sales or network marketing, is understanding why people buy.

If you don't know what cause someone to make a purchase…you're on the losing end of the stick.  And…YES, people buy for many, many reasons!  People buy for emotional reasons, buy on a whim, buy for need, buy for prestige, buy for want…the list is long.


…the #1 reason people will buy or choose to do business with you is this.

“People buy from those they like and trust.”

If you want to move more of your products and recruit more distributors, you've got to be doing things that cause people to feel GOOD about you and know that they can TRUST you.

Like and Trust.

This phrase that comes out of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People says it perfectly…
“Be Genuinely Interested, not Interesting.”

What that means is this.  You need to focus on others, not yourself.  When you show real, authentic interest in another human being…when you care, they warm up to you.  Not fake care…real care.

Wanna know why people buy?  People will like you for lots of reasons.  You're positive.  You smile a lot.  You're fun to be around.  You're funny.  Your kind.  You're generous.  You make everyone else feel good as a result of simply being around you.

I'd even suggest this exercise.  Take out a piece of paper and write down the POSITIVE QUALITIES you see in people…as well as the NEGATIVE ones that make you not want to associate with them.

The people I want to hang out with are…
…fun, upbeat, positive, nice, complimentary, always in a good mood, giving, good listeners, generous, helpful, hilarious, reliable, etc.  

The people I don't want to hang out with are…
…negative, toxic, dramatic, selfish, thoughtless, flaky, etc.  

You get the point.  Now.   I'd come up with a list as BIG as you can…both on the positive and negative side.  Put it in front of you.  By the way…when you get really clear with the POSITIVE qualities that you see in people, that CLARITY will help you find more of them.  You're aware of what you like and don't like.  You'll naturally gravitate to those qualities you see as amazing and positive and stay away from those you see as negative.

It's pretty easy to understand why people buy now, isn't it?  No one loves giving money to someone that doesn't make them feel good.

What makes people TRUST you?

Influence…which is your ability to change attitudes, beliefs, opinions or behaviors to a pre-determined outcome is rooted in trust.

When people trust you…you become more influential.  And, trust is developed through consistency over time.  On that note, here are a couple of questions to see how you fare in the reliability equation.

Are you perceived as reliable? 
Do people see me as someone who can be counted on?
Do I consistently stick to my commitments or do I always change my mind?

Make Regular Deposits

Just like in any bank, you cannot make a withdrawal from an empty account or one that you've deposited no funds into…the same goes with relationships.  You can take something where you've never given.

The importance of making regular deposits into the emotional accounts of people that you know cannot be overstated!

Simple things like:

  • reaching out when they least expect it to say hi. 
  • Stopping by for a non-business visit. 
  • Sending them an unexpected and thoughtful gift. 
  • Staying in contact just for the sake of keeping the relationship fresh. 

Anything that you can do that ADDS to the relationship capital…that BUILDS the relationship is a GOOD thing.

Contrary to that is when you're doing the opposite.  Always taking.  Always asking.  Always mooching.  Always take, take, take.  That gets old…fast.

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