Fearless Prospecting is at your Fingertips

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Unlock Your Potential and Learn the Same Skills that Helped Me Sponsor Over 250 People on My Front Line in Only 12 Months!

Sure…I could claim how I sponsored 3000 reps in 30 days, only to have most of them drop out before their paperwork ever hit the home office.

I'm talking about REAL, USABLE skills that you can use from this point forward to help you learn how to prospect like a PRO and create predictable, reliable results.

A Few Questions for You…

Having trouble sponsoring new reps?

Is FEAR stopping you from picking up the telephone?

Do you want to move from a novice network marketer to a pro networker?

Do you constantly lose prospects and play the chasing game?

Are you second guessing yourself about whether or not you should even be in this industry?

Have you been working your business for a long time and still have a check that's less than $5000 a month?

Do you want to better yourself, your results and your monthly check?

If any of this applies to you, than I strongly urge you to take part in my upcoming 4-week course: “The Fearless Prospecting Teleseminar”.

I haven't conducted this course for nearly a year because of my weekly travel schedule. Now is your chance to take part in a course that hundreds of other networking professionals have used to improve their prospecting skills and produce better results.

FACT: Prospecting is a LEARNED skill.

If you want to know how I went from a sweaty, nervous wreck to being one of the top prospecting coaches in the country, then don't think twice and get yourself in on this outstanding training that you can experience from the comfort of your own home, withouthaving to jump on a plane to come and see me live.

This 4-hour course will take place on Tuesday May 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th at 6pm PST.

I also limit this course to the first 100 participants who register. Once this course hits 100 registrants, the doors will close for good. And…I currently have no plans on conducting another one of these teleseminars this year. So…if you've been waiting, and I know many of you have from the number of emails I've been getting, here is your chance.

Here's just some of what will be covered during this course…

– How to develop the confidence of a pro…quickly
– Learning to talent scout GOOD people and dump the losers for good
– Improving your judgment and listening skills for faster results
– Working from agendas to get you in a state of flow
– Leaving powerful messages that actually get call backs
– Eliminate fear, frustration, nervousness and hesitancy
– How to qualify quickly and effortlessly
– Strategies to magnetize your prospects
– Professional techniques that most pros won't tell you about: systems, tools, 3-way mastery
– Organizational tips for better time-management
– Tracking, coding and self-checking systems to keep you on course
– Developing an enlightened mindset to maintain your motivation
– Understanding the REAL numbers
– Understanding human psychology
– Power sorting
– Establishing a unique point of difference to separate you from the pack
– Professional follow up techniques that work every time
– Overcoming objections simplified once and for good
– Easy closing techniques that ANYONE can master

…plus (believe it or not) A LOT more!

Get all of this over four consecutive weeks for only $97, by going here.

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