The Art of MLM Closing

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From the desk of Todd Falcone:

Here are some Quick Tips for helping you begin to master the close:

Listen for it. In fact, listen period. Pay attention. Use your ears and connect them to your mind. Internalize and really hear what is happening. You will pick up on clues that most people miss out on. Make sure you are present. So many people aren’t even there when they think they are. Seriously. Clue in. BE THERE. This is your chance to get it done. Don’t blow it. Be there with your prospect. Mentally connect with what is happening. Thinking about something or doing something else rather than being completely in that moment, that opportunity to create the business is just bad business that leads to no business. I know we’re all busy with way too many things going on in our lives, too much responsibility, too much clutter, stuff, interruptions…but this is just too important to he half way.

Feel for signs. Use your intuition. Feel around. Not physically. Get a feel for where the prospect is about your opportunity. And…listen to your feelings. What you are feeling is probably right. Don’t keep working on bringing someone into your business when you are already ‘feeling’ like they’re not it. You’re just wasting your time.

Ask Questions. Guess what? Some of the best closers in the world aren’t really that great. They just know to ask! Remember, ask and ye shall receive. Ask questions that lead to the close as well as what create the close. How are you feeling about what you’ve heard so far? Pretty cool concept, isn’t it? Can you see yourself making that kind of money? When would you like to start making more money? Are you ready to get started? How soon are you ready to start making money? You’re getting the picture. Ask. By the way, once you ask…stop talking! That is one of the oldest rules in the book. Some of you know it, some may have never heard it. Teach your people this stuff too. Ask…then shhhhhh! Quiet. The first one who talks loses.

Stop working so hard!
You’ll close so much more business if you just stop working so hard on it! Don’t push. Closing isn’t pushing. Yes, a little pressure, positive pressure, but not pushing. Don’t act desperate. Even if you think you’re hiding your utter desperation to sponsor a new rep, they can feel it. They know. So, why bother pushing out of fear and

Relax. It’s just a conversation between two living, breathing homo-sapiens. This isn’t an alien talk show. Blood, flesh…that’s it. You’re not talking on stage in front of 7000 people doing a speech on something you know nothing about. All you’re doing is talking…interacting. The close will happen more easily when you chill out and stop stressing out about what may or may not happen in your prospecting efforts. Really…what’s there to worry about? If you deeply think about it, you’re really not risking anything so significant that you should be spending time worrying about it. Just breathe easy and enjoy the experience.

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