Four Ways To Gain Prospecting Confidence

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Four Ways To Gain Prospecting Confidence
  • The First Thing You Must Do In Order To Have A Chance At Success
  • The KEY To Making Sure You’re On The Right Track

Four Ways To Gain Prospecting Confidence

I’ve got a great little training for you today! Quick background on this…What I’ve found after working with thousands of network marketers is this. Most people not taking action in their business comes down to a few things. The main thing I’ve found is that people not taking action tend to lack confidence in themselves and their abilities to do the business. If you can relate to this, then you’re going to love this training .There’s one thing that will move you forward in this business quickly. Having confidence in what you do! In today’s training, you’re going to discover four ways you can quickly gain confidence in your business. Think of this as a crash course in confidence-building. Let’s get started.

The First Thing You Must Do In Order To Have A Chance At Success

#1 you need to do the work. The first thing you must do is start working the business. Now, I know this might sound counterintuitive because if you’re new you don’t know what to do yet. The thing is you want to start moving forward and taking action. This is what gets you in the game and keeps you seeking out the next thing to learn about the business. The great thing about network marketing is that we get to learn while we do it. And if you think about it, you can’t get good at something you never do. So, just the act of DOING will help you improve your confidence. I know at first this may seem a little scary. I want you to push through the fear and focus on why you’re doing this business in the first place. Use this motivation to drive you forward, to keep learning and taking action.#2 You have to practice in order to get good results. Question for you…How much time have you practiced prospecting and recruiting? Most in network marketing do not dedicate any time to practicing their craft. You want to set aside some time each day to practice your prospecting skills. Doing this over and over again allows things to become natural for you over time. This is how you raise your confidence level up.

The KEY To Making Sure You’re On The Right Track

#3 Feedback loops. You’ve got to get feedback.

One way is to record everything you do. Record your calls and go back through them so you can see the ways to improve yourself.

Doing this allows you to adjust things so you’re always getting better.

Last but not least is…

#4 Partner up with someone. 

Most of the time we’re by ourselves in this business.

Now, if you can grab a teammate you’re able to give each other feedback. Teaming up with someone allows you that feedback loop we talked about.

Now, if you’d like help and a path to run on for taking your confidence to the next level. 

This episode, #133, it’s about “Four Ways To Gain Prospecting Confidence.” 

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