Why You Should Focus Time Recruiting Talent

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why You Should Focus Time Recruiting Talent
  • The Main Reason Most Network Marketers Don’t Make It BIG
  • My “Little Twist” Strategy For Fast Distribution Growth

Why You Should Focus Time Recruiting Talent

Let’s talk quickly talk about strategy.

Specifically, strategy when building your network marketing business.

Now, you already know there are two main ways we make money in this business.

They are…

1) Getting customers who happily use our products and services every day, and then order from us on a consistent basis.

2) Building a large distribution network which distributes our companies products and services.

Now, let me quickly say this…

You want to be using both methods for building your business, except with a little twist.

In this week’s training, you’re going to see what this “little twist” is and how you can use it to go from zero to full-time network marketer over the next few months.

And, if you’re already a full-time network marketing professional, this strategy will get you to your next rank advancement very quickly.

And the best part is when you start building your network using this “little twist” strategy, you’ll find yourself building faster while working less.

It’s all possible because of your growing distribution network.

Let’s get started…

The Main Reason Most Network Marketers Don’t Make It BIG

After working with thousands of network marketing professionals over the past 30+ years there’s a reason most don’t make it big. The reason is, they’re simply not focused on building a large distribution network. What they end up doing is trying to recruit everyone into their business, regardless of their background or work experience. Now, I totally understand. We never truly know who will do BIG THINGS in this business. What that said, there are specific types of people who do really well in network marketing over other types of people. Make sure you watch my video above because I go deeper into this area. Just know… Having the right type of people makes a massive difference in how fast we can build our distribution network. So how do we find the “right type” of people for this business? We’ll my Fearless Networker, that’s where my “little twist” strategy comes into play. Here it is…

My “Little Twist” Strategy For Fast Distribution Growth

This is very simple, and it works.

Heck, this is how I’ve built several BIG organizations over the last few decades.

Think of it like this…

Let’s say you were building a championship team.

Would you want just anyone on your team? Of course not. You’d want players who can go out there and crush it on their own.

These players are people that have the skillset for this business.

I’m talking about “professionals.”

People who are already accustomed to working on commission, generating their own leads, and networking with others.

These are people who already understand the game, and see the massive opportunities out there for themselves. Once you have a team of people like this, it’s like pouring jet fuel on a fire.

Things take off so fast, it’s crazy (and fun).

Now, if you’re thinking…

“Todd, this sounds great, how in the world would I even find and talk with people like this?”

Great question.

I’ve put together a training on my #1 way for recruiting. Click here to watch it right now.

Make sure you take notes, it’s about 45 minutes.

Then make sure you start taking massive action on this “little twist” strategy.

This episode, #132, it’s about “Why You Should Focus Time Recruiting Talent.

Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

Stay fearless,

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