Get a Fake Rolex, Rent a Lambo and Impress Them

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In today’s episode of Gettin’ Rich with Buzzy Boxer, you’re going learn how to really impress people.  As you know…people are highly impressed when they see you with a really awkward pose in front of a car, home and Rolex you don’t own.  They key to winning in this business is very simple.

Get a fake watch…and flash it right in someone’s face.  Then…drive them buy your big fat house you don’t own in a Lambo that you rented for the day.  To get your money’s worth…do a photo shoot with you in front of the house you don’t own, sitting next to the care you rented.

Just be sure the owner isn’t home so they don’t see you posing in front of their house.

Doesn’t it make you ILL when you see or hear people do this.  

Instead of trying to impress people with stuff you don’t own, impress them with your work ethic.  Impress them with your commitment, your integrity and your passion for being an entrepreneur.

There’s no need to falsify or lie.  Be real.  Be cool.  Be authentic.  People like that over the fake stuff.

Remember…Buzzy Boxer is the epitome of what NOT to do in this profession.

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