Get a Grip on Revenue Producing Activity

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Some network marketers need to get a grip on this one:  Revenue Producing Activity!
I'm not sure who needs to hear it, but someone sure does.

If you're not making an offer, you're not making a sale.  Remember that.
No offer.  No sale.  You prospecting is revenue producing activity.

There's way too many people complaining about their lack or results from the work that they never did!

Can you imagine!!?? 
Complaining about no results without putting in the effort??
No revenue producing activity.  

Get a grip on this one folks!!!  It's one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES one can make!

You can't get mad at the results you didn't create from the work you didn't do.  It's insanity!
If you get mad for no results and no work…it's not good.

If you're not prospecting, presenting, engaging…doing some revenue producing activity day-in and day-out (you know what they are), then you don't deserve the result.  That is the TRUTH.

I'm tired of talking to people all down on themselves for no results.  It's one thing to DO the work over an extended period of time and not see the results you ‘thought' you'd get, but to get mad about not succeeding in something you never really did is a downright joke.

This is FUNDAMENTAL to the core.  If you don't do the work, you're not going to make the sale, get the result or recruit a new rep into your business.

STOP.  If you're unclear.  Sit down with yourself.  What do you think revenue producing activity is?

WRITE DOWN on paper all the things you do throughout the day.  Every activity.  Write it down.  How much of it can you say is specifically revenue producing activity.

Here's something that I know is fact.

If you ask, you get.
If you don' ask, you get nothing.  Crumbs.  Leftovers.

So many people get lost in this idea.  And…getting bent out of shape for not succeeding in that what you never did is seriously insane.

The reason people get the result is because they do the work!

You don't become a world class golfer by hitting the links once a quarter.
You don't have 6-pack ripped abs and 5% body fat by eating pizza and fish & chips.

And…you're not going to be a World Class Network Marketer by sitting on the sidelines and warming up the bench!   You get there by doing revenue producing activity every single day.

If you're struggling with this…if you're stuck and frustrated and mad about not succeeding, go look in the mirror.  Get real with you.

The reality is simple.  You're probably not doing the work.

Ask yourself, “Why do I keep avoiding the activity that I know will make me money?  What's this avoidance procedure all about??” 

Dig DEEP on this one.  Dig for it.  Find the answer.

What is it EXACTLY that you're afraid of or uncomfortable with that is causing you to sit and do nothing, yet complain about why the result isn't there??  Do you see how crazy that sounds??

The ONLY way to get the result is do the work…day in, day out.  You've got to do the work to get the result.  It's literally THAT simple.

In that moment of weakness, you need to STOP yourself and find out what's going on inside.

That is your path to change.  That is the way to better results.  But…you've gotta dig.  Dig for those answers, and don't stop until you find it.

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