How to Make Network Marketing Easier

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Is it Possible to Make Network Marketing Easier?

YES!  It is!  Wouldn't it be great if your network marketing business felt easier and effortless? 

How cool does that sound!!  Everyone wants some of that action!!

I'm going to tell you right now that creating success in network marketing is HARD WORK.  It's not easy!

“But…wait Todd!!  You just said in the very first sentence of this post that you were going to show me how to make it easier!  Then…you just said it's hard!  I'm confused!”

Let's end the confusion.

One.  Success in anything requires significant effort…aka hard work.  Network Marketing is no different.
Two.  Most people are making it harder on themselves than they have to.  So…YES, while network marketing is hard work, you can still make it a LOT easier on yourself than it currently may be.

How to Make Network Marketing Easier

#1:  Change your Expectations.  You need to come to the simple understanding that it takes work.  And, embracing the fact that it's going to take some time…probably more time than you expect is a good start.

Overly high expectations lead to disappointments and discouragement every single day.  When you change your expectations, you have less frustration and discouragement.  Don't set the bar so low that you are driving hard in your business.   But…if you think you're going to make $50,000 a month in six months, you're dead wrong.  Can it happen?  Sure.  But…expecting it to happen is a set up for failure.

By the way…one of the best things you can do with YOUR new reps is to help THEM align their expectations so you're setting them up for success rather than a big let down.

Properly aligned expectations for you and your reps leads to more success and far less discouragement.

So…#1 in how to make network marketing easier is simple.  Aligning your expectations and coming to an understanding.  That's nothing more than a shift in your mindset.

If you put in the work and you do it for a long enough period of time, the result will be there.  And…because of our ability to earn income on the efforts of LOTS of other people, that reward will be significant.

#2:  Actively Work on Getting Better Daily.  We need to focus time on making sure that what we do is more efficient…more effective.

My whole life is dedicated to this.  Improvement.
What are you doing TODAY so that you're better tomorrow?

Literally, every single solitary day you should be investing some time in activities that cause you to improve.  Yes…you need to “sharpen your saw” daily.  This isn't a hard concept to understand, yet very few network marketers actually do it.

Those that invest time in improving their skill-sets, their core competencies…those are the individuals that get the bigger result.

“If I'm better, my result will be better.”
“If I improve, my check will improve.”
“If my skills increase, my wealth will increase.”

Yea…say that to yourself, because it's true to the core.  A good mantra to work on daily!

If you want to know how to make network marketing easier, work on getting better!  Doesn't seem like brain surgery, does it?

#3:  Release the Pressure.  If you're constantly putting pressure on yourself to the point of your network marketing business no longer being fun, you're not going to want to do it!  I'm not saying be lazy…but “grinding it out” and trying to be forceful with it isn't helping.  Be a little more gentle, smooth and release it a little.  Let it go.  Flow.  Fun.

Don't get me wrong.  Stretch yourself.  Put yourself in positions that cause you to grow.  But…don't be the “teeth grinding, gotta make the calls or I'm going to lose it” networker.

Putting undue pressure on ourselves oftentimes makes it less enjoyable.
And…we don't like doing things we don't enjoy, do we?

How to Make Network Marketing Easier:  The Simple Summary

Get your expectations in order.  Rome wasn't built in a day…and neither will your business.
Get better.  The more skills you have, the better your result will be.
Don't force it.  Have fun.  Get yourself into a state of “flow” and have fun with it!

And…always remember, growth only comes in those moments of discomfort.  Don't feel shy about placing yourself slightly outside of what you feel is comfortable!

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