Getting More People Rank Advancing

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Getting More People Rank Advancing
  • 3 Hidden Reasons People Don’t Have Success In Network Marketing
  • 3 Simple Steps To Ensuring Your People Rank Advance

Getting More People Rank Advancing

Let’s talk about rank advancing. Having new people rank advance in your business is a great sign. It’s an exciting feeling when you log in to your back office and see your business volume climbing daily. You feel proud seeing people in your organization hitting the leader board and going to the next level. When this happens, people’s lives change for the better. This is what momentum looks like when you’ve got things dialed in, and people are rank advancing. Now… Watch today’s training right away if you find it difficult to get people to rank advance. You’ll see the simple 3-step process for ensuring rank advancement in your business. Let’s get started

3 Hidden Reasons People Don’t Have Success In Network Marketing

First, we need to look at why people don’t rank advance quickly. The number one reason people don’t rank advance is that they’re not doing the work. After doing this business for over thirty years, I’ve found three hidden reasons for someone not doing the work. They are: Fear-based (They’re afraid to move forward in the business.) Self-worth (They don’t feel like they deserve to be successful.) Mechanics (They’re not sure how to do the business, so they do nothing.) Now, let’s look at what you can do to help your people resolve these hidden reasons and start rank advancing.

3 Simple Steps To Ensuring Your People Rank Advance

Here’s a straightforward three-step process for ensuring your people rank advance like clockwork. Step #1: Review if the issue is with the company or with your process. In other words, are there other organizations within the company growing? Most of the time, the answer to this question is YES. This leads us to…Step #2: Research. What are the other organizations doing that you’re not doing? See, at this point, we want to model success. We want to learn from others who are rank advancing to see what they’re doing so we can do the same thing. This is all about keeping things simple and following what works. Next, we move on to…Step #3:Develop a success system for your organization. Once you discover what’s working for others, you want to teach and train your people to do the same thing. The KEY here is to keep it simple. Don’t get too complicated with too many steps. Make sure you watch my video above because I go into this in more detail. Now, if you’d like my help, check out my

In this episode, #163, it’s about “Getting More People Rank Advancing.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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