How To Prospect When You’re Not Prospecting

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Prospect When You're Not Prospecting
  • Active Prospecting vs Passive Prospecting
  • How To Become A Master At Passive Prospecting

How To Prospect When You're Not Prospecting

Today I want to share with you something I call “passive prospecting.” When you learn how to do this correctly, you’ll always keep your pipeline full of interested and eager prospects. And the cool thing about this is you’ll start putting people into your business at a consistent rate. This is something I’ve been doing for decades. I see very few people doing this. It’s crazy because there are opportunities everywhere if you know what to look for. Well, my Fearless Networker, after this training, you’ll know exactly what to look for and how to do passive prospecting. Let’s get started.

Active Prospecting vs Passive Prospecting

Before talking about passive prospecting, I want to touch on active prospecting. Active prospecting is when you’re actively taking time to prospect (or recruit) people into your business. This is where you’re maybe in your office, and you’ve set aside time to connect with prospects. Now, passive prospecting is a little different. Passive prospecting is all about prospecting when you’re doing non-prospecting activities. In other words, you’re not actively prospecting people, yet your awareness level is high, and knows when to talk about the business with people. Let me give you a quick example of what I mean. I’m on the beach, and I talked to this person who works with the hotel. He was helping me get a chair for the beach. We started chatting and came to find out; he does a few side hustles to make extra money when he’s not working at the hotel. Based on our conversation, he’s a great candidate for taking a look at the business. And, just like that, he’s now in the pipeline. See, I was not actively recruiting. I was on the beach and wanted to rent a chair for the day. This is what I mean by passive prospecting.

How To Become A Master At Passive Prospecting

The key to increasing your awareness level when you’re not actively prospecting.

You want to look for opportunities in your non-working activities.

Here’s another quick story to illustrate my point.

Back in the day, I had someone on my team come to me and say he was going to quit.

He said he didn’t have time to do the business.

Now, in our conversation, he said to me he had a two-hour commute.

Right there was an opportunity.

I told him to start prospecting during his commute.

I let him know I would be there for 3-way calls and help him.

Before too long, he turned his drive time into prospecting time.

He started hitting me up at 7:00 AM for 3-way calls.

Twelve months later, he was making $10K per month.

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This episode, #162, it’s about “How To Prospect When You're Not Prospecting.”

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