Hands On Network Marketing Leads to Breakthroughs

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • One of the FASTEST ways to create massive success in your network marketing business is to DIG IN. In this training I'll reveal exactly how to do this so you're able to crush it in your business.
  • The REAL REASON people don't do anything in their network marketing business… and how you can avoid this.
  • One SUREFIRE way to create a deep connection with your team members. 

Hands On Network Marketing Leads to Breakthroughs

Couple times a year I have a secret getaway retreat… with a handful of network marketing professionals.

I call this my Fearless Recruiting Retreat. 

We finished one a few weeks ago and had some amazing breakthroughs.

Something magical happens when you start to DIG IN to your business and take action.

Working with people in a physical environment and supporting them changes everything.

We spend so much time in this business behind our computers… that we tend to not create that real connect with people. 

The REAL REASON People Don't Succeed in Network Marketing

People are flat-out scared… when they first get started. 

Think about it… if you're brand new and no one has trained you… it can be terrifying.

It's like jumping out of a plane WITHOUT anyone first teaching you how to open your parachute.

So it all starts with teaching our new team members how to open their parachute.

One of the best things you can do is create that connection with your new team members.


These are real people who are looking to do what you're doing. That's why they joined your team.

I touched on a system for doing this in the last episode, so check out episode #20 for the details.

Connecting with your team members is one of the real secrets to this business. This is something all the PRO's know and understand.

One SUREFIRE Way to Create a Deep Connection with Your Team Members

I've developed many relationships over my network marketing carrier. One surefire way I found to start developing a deep connection with my team members was to… break bread together!

Yep. Pretty simple right? I recommend getting together with your team members in a physical location.

The internet is amazing and I love it. But, nothing beats hanging out with your team members in the “real-world”.

Then actually working together and helping each other overcome obstacles.

So, the next time you and your team meet up at the company convention. Set some time aside to get together and work on some training, and have some fun.

It will be time well spent and the bond you'll create will be amazing.

In this episode #21, It's all about… “Hands On Network Marketing Leads to BreakthroughsListen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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