Three Keys to Network Marketing Duplication

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The REAL KEY to creating duplication that launches your network marketing business.
  • The Falcone Factor and how to 10X your duplication so that your team is always producing.
  • How to use the “McDonalds™ Method” in your network marketing business for consistent growth… and duplication.

Three Keys to Network Marketing Duplication


The information I'm about to share with you could 10X your network marketing business… if you take action on it.

I go into detail in the training so make sure you listen to it and take notes.

It all starts with you.

Want to know the REAL KEY to creating duplication? It starts with you getting to work.

That means you recruiting your first person then… working with and training that person.

Once someone has a few people on their team they tend to sit back and wait for the cash to come pouring in.

Here's the thing… it's NOT happening. Depending on a few people from your team to create massive success is a recipe for disaster.


This business (like all businesses) is about math and making the numbers work. 

This means the more people you train on your team, the GREATER your chances for success are.

One of the fastest ways to insure your success is to CONSISTENTLY be sponsoring NEW REPS… into your business.

Then training those new reps to go out and DO WHAT YOU DO.

This is one of the main reasons I've had so much success in this industry. I lead by example so my team SEE'S what I'm doing and the ACTION I'm taking.

It's all part of what I call the “McDonald's™ Method”.

Using the McDonald's™ Method

McDonald's™ is one of the most successful companies around and it's not by accident.

They're the real masters of creating SYSTEMS for training their employees… and partners.

You want to think of your network marketing business in the same way. You want to have systems in place for everything.

* Systems for creating new customers.

* Systems for recruiting.

* Systems for training new reps.

* Systems for getting into action fast.

When you're able to have these systems in place… THEN you start to see the duplication happen in your business.

That's when you have people throughout your organization all doing the same thing and… getting results.

I cover these 3 KEYS to duplication in this training so make sure you listen to it and start to take action.

Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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