Hitting Ranks Faster in Network Marketing

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Six Ways of Hitting Ranks Faster in Your Network Marketing Company

In This Episode:

  • What is Rank Advancement
  • How to Rank Advance
  • Six Ways of Hitting Ranks Faster in Network Marketing

Before we discuss the ways of rank advancing faster, let’s start from the beginning so we’re on the same page about what rank advancement is in the Network Marketing profession.

From the very start after joining your Network Marketing company, you’ll begin by developing a team. As the team grows, you will simultaneously be increasing sales volume. As you advance within the company you’ll hit ranks that are established benchmarks of accomplishment. You will continue working your way to and then through those ranks which are often qualifying markers for increased commissions. Increased commissions translate to more revenue. Rank advancement also leads to more recognition and often company perks. As you can see, there are many benefits to hitting ranks faster in Network Marketing.

Here's SIX Ways to Hitting Ranks Faster in Network Marketing:

1. Increase personal production.

The speed at which you work is directly related to your success. Increased prospecting, staying consistent, focusing on business, developing skills and building a team all leads to efficiency which will make IT happen faster. In other words, up your pace, work faster and do more.

2. Know what it takes.

Educate yourself on where you stand relative to the next rank advancement. Always know the qualifications to get you and your team members to the next level.

3. Be involved.

As a sponsor the more involved you are, the more likely you will see positive results happen. Being actively involved in your organization means that beyond recruiting you are launching, mentoring, guiding, assisting, directing and working together in the organization. I guarantee that the people doing the most three-way calls, zooms, plug-ins, etc. with an upline or expert are the ones rank advancing in your organization.

4. Recruit.

Personal recruiting is leading by example. You want people to see you in action within your own business. Sponsoring increases sales, which increases volume, which leads to rank advancements.

5. Create a culture.

Foster a cohesive working dynamic where others within the team are supportive, available and involved. You want to create a culture within your team where people know one another and are “plugged in”. Look for pockets of activity where you can foster growth for rank advancements to happen.

6. Finish strong.

There is a rank advancement window in every company so be aware of what that is and structure your business accordingly. Keep the gas on to reach your goal and close the month out strong.

“Never assume someone is as plugged in as you are to the organization.”

There are benefits to hitting ranks faster in Network Marketing including increased revenue, recognition and company perks! Try these SIX ways to advance and watch your organization grow.

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