Network Marketing is More Than a Numbers Game

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Network Marketing is MORE than a numbers game; it’s a connecting with people business.

In This Episode:

  • Do Big Numbers Lead to More Business?
  • How Many People Should You be Talking to Daily?
  • Ways of Increasing the Quality of Your Engagements

In Network Marketing, and sales in general, there is a belief that the more people you call on, the more prospects you will accumulate which will ultimately lead to more people being converted into customers or business builders. Otherwise, greater numbers lead to more business.

But, when a person has the mindset that it's only a numbers game, it lowers their success rate. Honestly, talking to unqualified prospects is a waste of time. And rushing through prospects without giving them the attention they deserve is a waste of time. Network Marketing is more than a numbers game.

Focusing your attention strictly on numbers doesn’t produce results. A few qualified leads has the opportunity to produce greater success than countless unqualified prospects.

On the flip side, when someone in your organization says to you, “My business isn’t working.”

Respond by asking, “How many people have you introduced to our product or service in the last 90 days?”

More than likely their reply will be the KEY as to why they aren’t getting the results they want. It’s been my experience that often the answer to this question is that they’ve approached only a small number of people.

Then, how many people should you be talking to everyday? The answer is simply as many people as you possibly can in the hours you have available to you.  Because the more exposures there are to your product or service, the greater the likelihood you’re going to get results.

Therefore, is Networking Marketing a numbers game or is it not?

It is, but it’s not ONLY a numbers game. If you focus solely on numbers, you lose sight of the goal and the quality of the engagement suffers. Network Marketing is a quantity AND quality game.

The quality of the engagement matters. The experience for your prospect matters. Your skills matter.

Work on your SKILL SET…communication skills, ability to connect with people, to ask the right questions, to listen and to engage in a productive manner. You can improve your results by getting your numbers up. But, you can improve your results even more by developing your skills.

Low numbers + low skills = low results

High numbers + low skills = mediocre results

High numbers + high skills = high results

When you hit that balance between quality and quantity, you’ve found the sweet spot!

Focus efforts on connecting with your prospects, pay attention to them, discover their needs and/or wants, give them time, provide thoughtful response…in other words create and nurture a relationship. That’s how you’ll get ahead because Network Marketing is More Than a Numbers Game.

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