How Doing “Your Thing” Could Be your Best Source for Leads

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I really believe that the best source for leads…or certainly ONE of the best sources for leads is by simply doing “your thing”.

We all have passions in life…things that we LOVE to do.  For sure, just being here in Bend, Oregon for the past week has put me back into a spot where I can do those things in life I love the most.  I LOVE fishing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking…and just generally being amongst the trees, the rivers and the mountains.  That's MY thing.

What's yours?  What's your thing that you love?  Your passion.  What do you love doing SO MUCH that you'll lose sleep over?  The thing that you'll fly out of bed to do WITHOUT even needing an alarm clock because your body says “It's time to wake up and DO this!”

Most everyone has passions…unfortunately, most of them get buried by the day-to-day grind of having to earn a living.  Think about it.  Most people LOVE something…or many things.  Ask them how much they're doing of it and you'll hear, “I'm just too busy with work.” Or, “I'm just too busy.”

Why not instead DO WHAT YOU LOVE, do “your thing”…and make it your number one source, make it your best source for leads?

Life's too short to wait on things.  DO what you LOVE to do…and don't wait for it.  Do it NOW.

Whether it's cooking, camping, fishing, scrap booking, knitting, river rafting, hiking, playing chess, doing marathons…whatever “your thing” is, DO IT!!  You'll meet tons of people, have an absolute BLAST pursuing your passion, and it will very likely become your best source for leads.

Take the time to do what you love.  Find places to do it…find GROUPS or organizations that match what you do and JOIN them.

In my first week here in Bend, I've already met a bunch of people simply by DOING my thing….by doing what I love to do!

You'll have a blast, meet lots of people, feel joyful…AND grow your business all at the same time!

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