How Important Are Events in your Business?

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We had a huge turnout for the interview I did last night with the two FORMER ROCKET SCIENTISTS, Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos.    
What a fun call!  I never realized how funny and cool rockets scientists could actually be!  
If you missed it, you can here that call and literally EVERY call I've ever done live right here: 
Curious to know from you, if you care to reply…
What your personal thoughts are on the subject of attending events, and how they impact you, your mindset and your results? 
How significant of a role do you feel they play?
Can you point to specific things that have helped create a measurable impact in you and your business?
Do you see more or less growth and results from the people on your team that attend events versus those that do not?
I'm seriously curious and would LOVE to hear YOUR take on the subject.  
Events Have Created Monumental Life Change in Me and My Business
I know for me, it happened in early 1990 when I attended my very first ever in my entire life SEMINAR.  What specifically happened that weekend was that a SHIFT occurred.  I had a mental move that turned me from someone toying with the idea of entrepreneurship and testing the waters to someone completely driven and committed to making success in this profession a reality.   
I don't tell this story often and if you haven't heard it, and care to hear, read on.    
I remember this.  I didn't know what a seminar was.  In fact, I honestly thought they meant seance when they said seminar.  My youth and life inexperience was what likely confused me.  
The Message was Crystal Clear 
The message was given to me clearly by those in the business who I respected and were already successful and had those things in life that I wanted so desperately to have.  They had money, freedom, choices, security, comfort, and a sparkle about them that most of my friends didn't have.  I DESPERATELY wanted what these people had.  And…it wasn't all about the money either.  The glow, the attitude, their outlook.  Everything was bright…and it was so very different from the people I grew up and spent most of my time with.  How refreshing it was to be around people with an almost always and never-ending level of optimism and calm.  
I remember my sponsor asking me, “You want to be a leader in this company, don't you?  Every  leader in this company will be at this event.   If you want to be a leader in this company, attending is the only option.”
The challenge was that I didn't have the money.  I wanted to go.  I just simply didn't have the physical funds to PAY for the event itself.  
I even expressed that to my upline.  His reply went straight to the core of me.  He said, “If you can't afford to attend this event, you can't afford NOT to be there.”
I got it.  Clearly.  I got it.  I was faced with a choice.  I was tested.  
This was the moment for me when I had to decide how badly I really wanted it.  Was I willing to allow the fact that I didn't have that money currently accessible to me to prevent me from doing what it was I really wanted to do?  What would I be willing to give or give up or DO in order for me to summon up the funds to attend?   Think about that for a moment as you're reading this.  
Not having the money is a temporary challenge.  It doesn't define me.  I could allow it to get in the way and STOP me from going.  OR…I could get creative and let my mind and actions move me in the direction of acquiring it.  
Money is easy to acquire.  Not hard.  Easy.  When you SET YOUR MIND ON SOMETHING and you create the decision that you are going to have that thing, whatever that thing is, the universe seems to simply align itself to make that happen because you set a specific and undeniable intention.  
For those of you reading this…and I have no problem planting the seed, because you've likely already planted the seed of doubt in your mind from the prior paragraph (at least some of you have), that IS the way it works.  We don't need to burn incense, hum, meditate with beads, or dance around a fire.  
Decisions are powerful.  They are in fact omniscient.  They are all seeing and all knowing, based on their very premise.  
A decision is final, if it is actually a decision.  
So…the lesson of many I learned in that experience was the real power behind making a decision.  Once you've made a decision, consider it done.  It may take some time for whatever to occur after the decision was made, but it will be done.  
The DECISION I made to be at that very first event made the money come my way.  
What happened DURING that weekend is what ultimately LOCKED ME INTO NETWORK MARKETING FOR LIFE.  
Think about that from my sponsor's perspective.  This two-day event in San Diego locks my new kid in for life.  Hmmm…I best be getting ALL of my reps to these events.  If it did that for him I can only assume it will likely do that for others.  How many other people would I like to see have that same experience?  
Does that make you want to bring more or less people to your events and other events that involve personal growth and skill development for our profession?  The answer is pretty evident.  When you make success your only option, you daily decisions become incredibly easy.  You do things that bring you closer to that ultimate “thing” you've decided upon.  Make sense?
When I hear people make excuses about not attending events, I feel for them.  I feel for them because the likelihood of them making it became even more evident and clear as they spoke their excuse into reality.  
I understand missing something here or there because of prior commitments or other crucial things going on in one's life.  But…to make the excuse to not attend something simply because of a lack of funds, is really just that…and excuse.  
Those that don't have the funds don't like to hear that.  Remember this again.  
Success begins when you decide.  
If that decision is in fact a decision and not simply words spoken for the sake of making someone feel better about themselves, then things all around you begin to align themselves.  Your actions come into specific alignment because your intentions are clear.  
Looking forward to hearing your comments.  
If you haven't yet decided, the time is now…

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