How to Close Bigger Packages in Network Marketing

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The REAL REASON you want to close bigger packages in your network marketing business... this goes way beyond making a commission.
  • WHY starting with a bigger package gives you an advantage to growing your business fast.
  • How CLOSING bigger packages becomes much easier than closing small packages.

How to Close Bigger Packages in Network Marketing

What I'm about to share with help you grow your network marketing business very fast.

This is all about you closing bigger packages. NOT so you can line your pockets with a couple extra bucks.

But, because when you do what I'm about to teach you… your entire network marketing business can skyrocket.

Imagine for a moment that you purchased a McDonald's™ franchise. You got the building, the appliances, the staff… except you got no food.

This means if you opened your doors… you're not able to feed anyone. This leads to you going out of business.

This is ONE of the reasons you want to always start your new reps with a large package. NOT so you can ‘front-end' them and make a couple bucks.

Those days are long gone.

But so you can make sure they have everything THEY NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL in their business.

Now, let's look at…

Why Starting With a Bigger Package Gives You an Advantage to Growing Your Business Fast

When building your team it starts with YOU creating a culture of success. This all starts with you, because people who join your team will come in at the level you come in at.

Have you every noticed that very successful people hang around other successful people? This is because ‘like' attracts ‘like'.

When you start (or upgrade) to a bigger package in your network marketing business… you're now walking the walk.

This is what leaders do. They lead by example and not by talking. They're the first through the door and they SHOW others how to move forward.

There's huge benefit when you start closing these bigger packages… beside the money.

How Closing Bigger Packages Becomes Much Easier Than Closing Small Packages

Because you've already done what you're asking others to do and purchased a bigger package.

You're now able to talk about the BENEFITS of getting started with a bigger package to your new prospects.

This is because you know what's in the package. You're using all the products and services yourself. You've become a product of the product.

Your education level is now up there. You can speak with confidence when talking about the bigger packages.

Closing bigger packages now… becomes second nature to you. You're able to listen to your prospects needs and wants… and then show them the benefits of getting started with the bigger package.

Now, here's where your business will skyrocket.

Because you're leading by example, you'll start closing these bigger packages all the time.

Your team members will start closing their prospects with bigger packages. Before you know it… your entire network marketing organization is selling nothing but bigger packages.

This is how you create a culture of success within your team. This is the path to leadership and massive success!

Now, make sure you listen to this episode, take notes and take action my friend.

In this episode #26, It's all about how to… “How to Close Bigger Packages in Network MarketingListen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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