How To Crush Your Fear Of Rejection

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Crush Your Fear Of Rejection
  • The Real Cause Of Rejection And Overcoming It
  • The ONE Belief That Crushes Rejection

How To Crush Your Fear Of Rejection

So, I just finished going through about a hundred survey results from my coaching program. I never make assumptions about what people need to build their network marketing business. One of the questions I ask is…“What is your greatest fear?” The number one answer was “rejection.” And in today’s training, I’m going to show you how to crush rejection. Imagine what your business would look like if there were no such thing as rejection? You’d watch your organization start taking off like a rocket. New customers buying daily. Team members breaking new ranks. Your commissions growing every week like clockwork. It all starts with today’s training.

The Real Cause Of Rejection And Overcoming It

Let’s talk about rejection. I see most people struggle with their concern about how people respond to them about their network marketing opportunity. Most think about this so much that it keeps them from building the business. I’ve discovered over the past 30 plus years in this business that a lot of inactivities come down to belief. Or should I say a lack of belief? I look at rejection a little differently. I think it’s a matter of perception and how you view it. We tend to carry our limiting beliefs into this business. So when someone tells us no, we tend to take it personally.

The ONE Belief That Crushes Rejection

Make sure you watch my video above because I go much deeper into this topic. Now, let me share with you my one belief that crushes rejection. I don’t believe that “rejection” when it comes to prospecting even exists. When someone responds negatively to me or says no when prospecting. I never let that affect how I feel about myself or my network marketing business. And here’s the thing…I’ve dealt with more negative prospects than most people. This is because of all the prospecting I do. So, to sum this up, how do you crush rejection? My answer…“You simply cultivate an attitude that rejection doesn’t exist.” Remember, it’s all about your perception and how you respond when people tell you no. Again, I share a story in the video (and audio) above, which illustrates my point, so make sure you watch or listen to it. Now, if you’d like help developing a fearless mindset, check out my Fearless Networker Insider program here at

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