How to Easily Start a Conversation on Facebook

If you're at all shy or “trigger” shy when it comes to knowing how to start a conversation on Facebook messenger…I'll keep it super easy for you.

Simply comment on the obvious.

What's the obvious?  Well…if you look at your newsfeed at all the people who are liking, commenting and sharing your stuff, then you can simply message someone and comment on the obvious.

“Hey John….I see you shared my post!  Thank you so much!!  I appreciate it.  How's your day going?”

Beginning a chat is easy when you have a reason to reach out.  Look for people who are engaged with you and make sure you reach out to them to connect a little deeper.  You don't need to be pitching your deal on a first chat.  Just use that as an opportunity to get a little closer than simply being people who click buttons and give “thumbs ups” to one another.

I did another video yesterday on the whole idea of when is the best time to do it.  People who are engaging with you right now…are the best ones to reach out and say hello.

And…as I've already mentioned, the easiest way to start a conversation on Facebook is simply commenting on the obvious.  This can be done in other Social Media sites as well like LinkedIn.  Scroll your newsfeed and see who has something interesting they've done.  If it appeals to you and is worth reaching out to that person to say hello…do it.

“John…this is Todd Falcone.  I saw that you and your wife were just in Santorini!  Beautiful pics!!  My wife and I have been looking into going there.  Where did you stay??”

If you read my post from yesterday…I already said this!  Hint…there's a reason.  I want you to understand how EASY this is.  Nothing to be afraid of.  All you're doing is having a chat about something that is painfully obvious to both parties!

A GREAT and super easy conversation starter that is!!  It all goes down to Rapport Building 101.  Talk about something that is easy for both of you to come together on!

Now…go do it!

Todd Falcone
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