The Best Question Any Network Marketer Can Ask

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You might be surprised about what this question might be, because it doesn't have anything to do with asking your prospect a question.  The best question any network marketer can ask is the one they ask themselves.

One thing I've found in nearly 30 years of being an entrepreneur is this.  Nobody's gonna do it for us, but us.  Waiting around for someone else to join in and do it FOR us is going to be a forever wait.  Being self-employed is NOT easy…it means us doing whatever we've got to do, whenever it needs done.  There's a deep degree of personal accountability in self-employment.

In fact…I'd say that self employment and personal accountability go hand in hand.

You won't be successful in this profession if you're not accountable to your own daily actions and productivity.

So…the BIG question you need to be asking yourself on a very regular basis is this…

Would I hire me?  

Based on how you showed up today in your business…how would you answer that question?  I'm being serious here.  Very.  When you wrap up your day, ask yourself that question…and be completely honest.

When you ask yourself that question at the end of every day and you can honestly say, “Heck Yes!  I'd hire me!  I flat CRUSHED it today in my business!!!”, well…that day my friends will be the day you know for sure that your business is moving in the appropriate direction.

I cannot express to you how important it is to STAY REAL WITH YOURSELF and be in a complete place of integrity with YOU…about you.  You MUST be accountable to yourself…and to your business.

In all the years I've been working from home, I've encountered more people than I can think of who ‘fool' themselves into believing they're “doing” their business…when in all reality, they are doing nothing but ‘busy' activities that don't matter.

When you wrap your day and ask that question…be totally truthful.  Dig deep.  If you cannot answer an honest and definitive YES to that question, then you need to DIG for the answer until you find it.  And…then CHANGE things FAST!

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