How to Finish your Year on a High Note

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Nothing is worse than fizzling out at the finish line.  A lack-luster finish after running for your life is not the way you want to wrap up your year.

Here's How to Finish your Year on a HIGH Note…

Think of the race you ran in track when you were a kid, even if you didn't run track.  You'll remember this.  It's standard racing procedure.  You run hard…as hard as you can, but not to exhaust yourself so much that you can't finish on a high note.

Remember…you reserve that LAST BURST for the finish line so you can WIN the race.  You don't want to be a 1/4 horse in a mile long race.  You'd run out of steam.

Most people in sales and network marketing don't produce nearly as much as they can because they sell themselves on a bogus story that they start believing.

Here's the basic story… (or excuse that people make to be more accurate)

“Nobody wants to talk to me.” 
It's December.  People are caught up in the Holidays.  Maybe I should wait til January.”
“I don't want to be a bug.  I guess I'll wait.”

The reality is that we can sell ourselves on a mediocre production story for any time of the year.  In fact…I could give you an excuse for every month, every week of the year…and get you to NEVER do anything.  But…that's not the point now, is it?


Successful people don't sell themselves short.  They never say, “I should call them later.  They probably don't want to talk to me.”  That vocabulary simply does not exist in highly productive people's brains.

NOW is the time for you to contact people, to reconnect, to say “Hi”, and to get caught up.

December is your BEST excuse to call them.

Watch the video in this post.  Do it.  Be the person who ends your year on a high note.  You'll be light year's ahead of people that sell themselves the garbage story that “people are too busy, too distracted or too into ‘Holiday mode' to talk to you.”  Your check will thank you for it.

And most importantly, you'll set yourself up to slingshot into the New Year with good movement already happening in your business.  Better to have a rolling start than one from a complete stop.

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