How to Get Good at Inviting

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Most Important Activity in Network Marketing
  • Why is Inviting and Prospecting Fundamental?
  • How to Get Good at Inviting 

Inviting is the single most important activity in Network Marketing.

Whether you are exposing people to your product or service or inviting someone to take a look at your business, it is the ONE thing that makes the biggest difference in your business.

As a matter of fact, inviting is the fundamental activity that brings about the responsibilities of growing a Network Marketing organization. Inviting leads to launching new distributors, team building, momentum, revenue production, etc. Inviting is, undoubtedly, something you will never stop doing in your ever-growing business. That why it is so vital to learn how to get good at inviting!

So, how do you get good at inviting?

There are many different approaches to inviting. The following are four ways to develop and fine-tune your invite.

  • Ask

Ask simple, peak interest questions. For example, one of my all-time favorites is…

 “Do you keep your options open outside of what you’re currently doing?”

You just need a handful of conversation starters that will help you kick-off a dialogue. It is even more important for new people in your organization to know who to talk to and what to say.

  • Observe

Observe experts or others that have nailed the art of the invite. In like fashion, learn by watching and listening; mirror and model others’ behavior until you have your own style.


Your goal is to get comfortable and the only way you’re going to be able to do that is by practicing. Record yourself to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. Tweak and refine your approach. Be sure to let your sponsor, upline, etc. listen to you and/or your recording(s) to provide constructive feedback.

  • Scripts

Scripts provide a template of a conversation from which to work and a roadmap that helps get results.

Scripts are so reliable and valuable that I created the Little Black Book of ScriptsThis book provides scripts for literally every conceivable situation you’ll find yourself in as you’re inviting and prospecting. 

You’ll learn to approach and invite people to  take a look at your business in a number of ways while developing self-confidence. Here’s an example of just a few of the multiple subjects covered in the Little Black Book of Scripts:

  • Who to Invite & Prospect
  • Approaching Your Warm Market
  • Close Friend Script
  • Family Member Script
  • “Up the Socio-Economic Chain” Script
  • The “I Know You’ll Love this” Product Script
  • The 3-way Call to a Leader or Expert Script
  • Recruiting Professionals Strategies

Little Black Book of Scripts is incredibly comprehensive and a compilation of ALL of the scripts I personally use for my business.

Visit to nab your copy!

“You can’t get good at the thing that you never do.” 

In summary, get into the habit of inviting and commit to getting good at it. You always have the opportunity to improve so dedicate yourself to growing your prospecting confidence. When you keep doing it over and over again, I guarantee you will get you over your fear and master inviting.

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