How to Get Rid of Prospecting Reluctance

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How to Get Rid of Prospecting Reluctance
  • Simple Actions to Put Prospecting Reluctance Behind You 
  • Steps to Stay in the Flow of Prospecting and Productivity

Prospecting reluctance is the fear of engaging people in conversation.

Basically, it is the fear of or reluctance to invite a prospect to take a look at and/or talk to people about your product or service.

Although it's common, prospecting is undoubtedly the PRIMARY activitythat will make you the most money, provide the biggest growth, and deliver the greatest success in your Network Marketing business.

Even if you are utilizing social media, you certainly still have to reach out to the people that you are attracting; there is no avoiding it.

It is generally normal to have a hesitation about approaching people, a fear of how we are being perceived and/or to be intimidated by others. However to be successful, you have to push past that reluctance, face the fear, experience it, work your way through it and then get on the other side. Because if you don’t, you’ll be stuck.

As an illustration…early in my career I had prospecting reluctance, but I wanted what was on the other side of the fear more than I wanted to be stuck in the reluctance. So, I prospected despite my angst. Do not allow the fear to dictate your behavior.

When you sit down to prospect are you paralyzed by fear, in a state of reluctance, or find yourself procrastinating? Or do you find your team members in this state of being stuck? 

Here’s some simple actions to put Prospecting Reluctance behind you…

  • Linking Strategy

You make ONE call. After you’re finished, sit for a bit and feel the accomplishment of that one call…then make another call. In short, if you can make one call you can make a second call, right?

Then take that one experience and do it again and again and again and again and again…linking the experiences together.

Watch Episode #156, “The Reason You're Afraid To Call People”,  for more insight.

  • Power Hour

Commit 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to prospect. Due to that 60 minutes of dedicated prospecting time, you will get into a productive groove and accomplish so much more than small snippets of time will allow.

Check out Episode #199, “Creating Momentum with a Stagnant Team”.  

In that previous week’s podcast I discuss Momentum in more detail. The momentum of making calls will make you more comfortable as you get into the flow of “doing”.

  • Practice

Build practice into your routine to improve your skill set. If you’re not practicing to improve how you feel about what you do, you’re going to continue to put it off.

As I have noted, there is a strong correlation between confidence and competence. Consequently, when you’re highly skilled at something you don't experience a reluctance to that activity.

For this purpose grab someone to prospect with you. Just like working with a fitness coach, as a result you push yourself further with another than by yourself. Collaborate until you are comfortable on your own.

Check out Episode #195, “How To Develop Prospecting Confidence”, for more tips! 

Steps to Stay in The Flow of Prospecting and Productivity

In summary, to diminish prospecting reluctance take consistent action every day, get into a state of flow and build your confidence.

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In episode #201, I’m talking about “How to Get Rid of Prospecting Reluctance”. Listen to the show above and comment below. Post any questions you may have and tell us about your experiences regarding this subject. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to share!

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