How to Get Rid of Buyer’s Remorse in Network Marketing

We've all probably gotten buyer's remorse before at some pointy in our lives.  It's pretty normal.  You guy something…and then all of a sudden you are overcome with guilt over your purchase.

Do I really need this?  Can I really afford it?  Is it necessary?
Should I return it?  Was that a good decision?
Maybe I should take it back?  

Think about all those questions that run through our minds when it comes to certain purchases or decisions we make.

Buyer's remorse happens everywhere…including network marketing!  So…our job as the “seller” or the enrolling distributor is to help that new person feel super comfortable with their decision…even BEFORE their buyer's remorse sets in!

Here's How to Get Rid of Buyer's Remorse in Network Marketing

Let's look at getting rid of buyer's remorse from two different angles, your new distributor who just signed up with you, and that new customer who just bought your product…

Removing Buyer's Remorse with a New Distributor

One of my favorite things to do RIGHT AWAY…as in the moment I sign up a new rep is to get them introduced to others on the team.  This does a great job of helping your new rep feel comfortable with the decision they just made.

So…to help cement someone's decision, I introduce them immediately to several people in the upline leadership team.  It helps your new distributor feel “at home” and helps them to realize that other people just like them are also doing it.  It makes them comfortable.  If you aren't doing this now…you should start doing it from this point forward!

Now…of course, there are other things to help keep your new rep on board, including helping them to get a check right away!  If you can help your new person earn some money in the first week, they are very likely to stick with you.

Remember this phrase, “Get them a check quick and more will stick!”

Removing Buyer's Remorse with your Customers

Most companies offer money-back guarantees on their products.  Find out exactly what your guarantee is and use it if necessary to help secure their decision.

“John…our company offers and unconditional 30-Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee, which means you can use all of what you just purchased…and if you're not completely satisfied, you can get 100% of your money back, even if you use every bit of it in that bottle.”

Now…this requires you knowing exactly what your guarantee is.  You don't want to be making any promises that you can't keep.   So…before you say anything, confirm it.

The bottom line is that when people make decisions…even when it is something they WANT to do, a certain percentage of people feel guilty about it and begin to question their decision.  If you simply help them to feel more comfortable in the decision they just made…they'll be more likely to stick to it.

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