How Simple is your Distributor Onboarding Process?

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Simplifying your New Distributor Onboarding Process should be a huge priority for you!

STAT!  As in… NOW!
Like… right this second!

“Easy to for ALL to understand” should be your motto.

You should be able to say things like,
“Anyone could figure this out…even with ZERO business experience.”
“My 7-year old kid could do this it's so simple.”

Now of course, I'm not saying you go promote your business by saying those things…but INTERNALLY, you should be CHEERING LOUDLY that you have kept things so incredibly simple that a 7-year old could literally plug in and do your business!

In fact… I have an entire section in my Cracking the Code to Success program that talks all about SIMPLICITY in distributor onboarding.

People ask about creating DUPLICATION all the time in network marketing.

It's the “cat's meow” or the Holy Grail” in network marketing.
In other words…it's what everyone is looking for in this profession!!

And…it all starts with your distributor onboarding process.  A simple and fast start is crucial to your success.  I cannot say that enough.  How you start someone determines pretty significantly how long they will stay with you.

Confuse them upfront…and you'll have people falling off in the droves.
Make it stupid simple…and you'll have an ever-growing group.

If your distributor onboarding process is complex, hard to understand, long and confusing…or leaves people guessing…you have a problem on your hands.  And…if you know that you do…CHANGE IT NOW!!  Make it simple!

I've said this before many times…and I don't at all mind sounding like a broken record when I do it.

Two Things Lead to Duplication

#1:  Simplicity.  The easier it is for someone to comprehend, for them to understand what it is you do and how you do it, the more successes you will have.

#2:  Systems and Processes.  When you put EVERYONE on the same track, following the same systems and processes…no one gets confused.  Everyone knows exactly what to do.  Step-by-step instructions work to your advantage.

Key Questions to Ask yourself Regarding your Distributor Onboarding Process

How simple is your distributor onboarding process?
Is it leaving them confused or wanting more?
Does it get them into action immediately?
Is it causing confusion?  If so…how do we simplify it so NO ONE is confused?

What happens in the first 24 to 48 hours? 

Is it moving them immediately into action and inspiring them to move quickly…or is it confusing them and putting them on stall mode before they even start?

This is something you NEED to look at and make changes ASAP if you think you are even confusing people in the slightest.  This isn't something you do later…you do it NOW.

If you don't have a platform that easily gets people into action and helps them create success, it's like having a giant hole the size of a manhole in the bottom of your boat.  There is no way you can bail the water out fast enough to keep the ship from sinking.

Keep it simple and take actions to make necessary changes right this moment if you think for a second that you're confusing new people who are coming aboard your team.

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