How to Go Full Time in Network Marketing: HONESTY

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One way to go full time in network marketing is simply becoming honest with yourself.  Some people need stop the lie and get to work.

Being an entrepreneur is NOT easy.  It's hard work, takes massive commitment and requires us facing our inner demons. Being full time in network marketing has it's big benefits, but there's a price to pay to get there.  And, that price tag comes with the notion that you've got to work your rear off to get there.

You don't get to $50,000 a month on accident.  You don't even get to $10,000 a month by playing.  You have to go deep inside your soul and find the courage to get after it.

I may sound very harsh for some of you reading this with what I'm about to say.  Sugar coating this isn't going to help anyone break free from their crappy habits.

I've coached and personally worked with enough people over the years to know that lots of people spend time simply lying to themselves.  They tell themselves a story that says, “you're working this business, you're putting up a really good effort”, when in all reality…they aren't doing squat.

If this isn't you or doesn't describe you, then you have nothing to worry about.

How you Won't Ever Go Full Time in Network Marketing

  • By sitting at your desk and staring at the phone.
  • By spending all day surfing around Facebook and not prospecting.
  • By letting your fears continue to rule your decision making.
  • By making one or two calls and calling it a day.
  • By avoiding the best people on your list.
  • By flaking on follow ups.
  • By telling yourself you're not good enough.  You are…and you need to start believing it.
  • By buying into someone else's story that network marketing doesn't work.
  • By jumping from company to company.

There are several other reasons why some people won't ever go full-time in network marketing.  But…that's not what this post is about.  Here's one way FOR SURE to go full-time in network marketing…

Ask Yourself this Very Tough Question and You'll Go Full Time in Network Marketing

Here's the question.

Am I working AS IF my life depended on it?  Read it again.

Am I working my network marketing business AS IF my life depended on it?  Am I putting the kind of effort and energy toward my business where I deserve to be earning a full-time income?

This is where the rubber meets the road.

INTEGRITY starts within.  I sound like a broken record by saying this and bringing it up again because I say it so often on stages I speak on.  But…guess what?  It's a question we all need to be posing to ourselves if we aren't seeing results.

Be honest with you.

Let's take the question one step further.

If your only source of income for survival was the earnings from your network marketing business, and you had literally NO other way of supporting yourself…would you do things differently than you are now????

THAT is the ultimate question.

Think about it.  If you had no job, no savings, no way to borrow money, no other means BUT your network marketing check to survive in this world, WOULD YOU ACT THE WAY YOU'RE CURRENTLY ACTING or WOULD YOU BE DOING THINGS VERY DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU ARE RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT???

If you say you'd do things differently, then why aren't you already???

Going full time in network marketing requires that kind of raw honesty in order to make change.

Take some time and ask yourself those questions and be completely transparent with yourself.  If you'd do something differently than you are now, HOW SO?  How would you act?  WRITE it DOWN.  Get clear with what you'd do differently and then DO IT!!!!!!!!

Seriously…I'm so tired of seeing people LIE to themselves and play this game of “I'm doing it big”, when they're doing virtually nothing.

I know you might be scared.  So was I.  I was frightened to death when I started in this profession.  I sucked at network marketing.  I couldn't sponsor someone to save my life.  My stomach was in knots.  My heart POUNDING.


…but I wanted it so freaking bad that I pushed myself through my fears, my “not being good enough” thoughts, my “why would anyone listen to me?” thoughts…and I ACTED until those feelings went away.

Going full time in network marketing requires a level of maturity and honesty that we all need to step up to and stop avoiding.  It's hard work…I get it.  It's tough when people say NO.  It doesn't feel good.  I hate being told NO.  I get pissed when people say they're going to do something and don't.  It comes with the territory.

Are you acting AS IF your life depends on it?

The moment you start doing so is the moment you'll go full time in network marketing.

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