How to Kill your Downline and Crush their Motivation

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What and how you communicate with your team is critical.  Everything you say and do…they are watching and listening.  You're their leader.  They got in because of you likely, so your stability is everything to them.

In this video, I go into several specific things NOT to do, things that will literally crush every bit of motivation and inspiration from your people, literally choking them of any chance for success.  Learn from this…

There are several things in addition to what I share in the video above that can have a dramatic and unfortunately LASTING negative impact on your people.  Don't do this stuff if you want to grow.

8 Ways to Kill your Group

  1. Tell anyone on your team anything that remotely shows lack of confidence in what you're doing.
  2. Spread rumors or falsities about anything or anyone.   Nothing should be spread unless it is the truth, and even then, be wary of what you share.
  3. Over-promise and under-deliver on anything.
  4. Build multiple deals.  Doing different MLM's at the same time doesn't inspire confidence in anyone.
  5. Changing deals because you're not happy with your personal progress.  Look in the mirror first.  Those people you sponsored are counting on you.  Remember, you brought them here (where they are now).  Why has your story changed?
  6. Constantly changing your mind or your methods.  Find something that works and stick to it.
  7. Lie, cheat or steal from your people.
  8. Say one thing, but doing another.  You know what I mean.

You can obviously tell that any or all of these could create potential growth issues within your organization.  Be careful out there.

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