How To Know A Good Prospect When You See One

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Know A Good Prospect When You See One
  • The Tell-Tale Signs Of Good Prospects
  • How To Find Out Where All The Good Prospects Are

How To Know A Good Prospect When You See One

Quick question for you…Would you know a good prospect if you saw one? Maybe, maybe not. The thing is, we can’t read people’s minds, so identifying that perfect prospect can be tricky. Heck, I don’t think the person who first recruited me into network marketing over 30+ years ago thought I would become one of the top people in this profession. The good news is there are some things we can do to help us identify our best prospects. And in today’s training video, I’m going to share those with you. Simply using what I’m about to share with you will save you lots of time and frustration with talking to the wrong people. Ok, my fearless networker, let’s get you talking to more qualified people who would love to learn more about your products and business.

The Tell-Tale Signs Of Good Prospects

The first thing I recommend you do is to take some time and come up with your ideal prospect.

This means getting out a piece of paper and describing them.

Markers call this “creating your avatar.”

Here’s what you want to do.

Let’s start with identifying your perfect customer.

What type of person is your ideal customer?

Take some time and think about this.

For example:

Are they male or female, or both?

Are they in a specific age range?

Do they have a family, or are they single?

What is their level of education?

Why are they buying your product in the first place?

You’ll want to come up with questions that will help you identify these people.

Now, you’ll want to do the same exercise for your ideal prospect.

Something else to consider would be the words that describe your ideal prospect.

For example:

When thinking of our ideal prospect, we would NOT use words like “skeptical, nasty, standoffish, etc.”

Instead, we might use words like “open-minded, friendly, outgoing, fun, hardworking, money motivated, coachable, etc.”

To describe our ideal prospect.

We have a general idea of what we’re looking for when talking with someone about the business.

How To Find Out Where All The Good Prospects Are

Now that we have an idea of the type of person we’re looking for, it’s time to find out where they’re hanging out at. For example: Let’s say we’ve identified that Realtors would be good prospects for our business. Where do realtors hang out? Maybe chamber of commerce, local events, etc. You want to think to yourself, where are all the good people at? This will help you to identify the correct type of people for your business. Make sure you watch my video to get all the details on this. This episode, #142, it’s about “How To Know A Good Prospect When You See One.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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