How To Lead With The Business

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Lead With The Business
  • The Key To Growing a Big Distribution Network
  • Leading With The Business All Starts With This Question

How To Lead With The Business

happy, because it's where the true residual income is made.

I highly recommend you have a product acquisition process in place.

One of the questions I often get asked is… “Todd, how can I lead with the business?”

Well my Fearless Networker, in today's quick training video you'll see exactly how to do this.

This is one of the keys to growing a large distribution network.

The Key To Growing a Big Distribution Network

OK, let's get into building a big distribution network.

If you have great products that get people results you want to share this with has many people as possible. Doing this allows you to create a bigger impact, and grow your volume fast.

Something to remember:

Go with the grain, not against the grain. If you're currently signing up customers, by all means keep doing this. Then later on down the line, share the option to join the business side of things.

You don't want to simply start leading with the business, if leading with the product works better.

Now, for building a large distribution network, you'll want to find business builders. These are people who are excited to build their own business.

They're business minded and are looking for an opportunity.

This is where it all start if you want to go this route.

Leading With The Business All Starts With This Question

Leading with the business all starts with a very simple question. Make sure you watch my training video above for all the details on this.

In the video I break down the question you want to ask them first. This question will set the tone for the business conversation.

Quick tip on leading with the business:

If you're going to lead with the business, put your people in front of business information first. Then make sure you're showing them the product information second.

This way the person comes through “business” doorway first. Opportunity information, along with product information.

It's very important to show someone the product information after they've reviewed the business information (when leading with the business first).

This is because to products are what drives the opportunity.

Again, make sure you watch the entire video for all the details on this.In this episode #107, It's about… “How To Lead With The Business”.

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