Getting Out of Your Own Way

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • The First Thing You Must Do In Order To Overcome This
  • Taking Consistent Action And Moving Through Mental Barriers

Getting Out of Your Own Way

There's a common phrase I hear all the time from people I talk with. They usually end up saying something to the effect of… “I can't seem to get out of my own way.”

Have you ever said this yourself?

Or, maybe someone on your team has said this you.

If so, today's training is going to help out a lot.

After watching this training you'll have the tools to overcome this.

Whether it's for yourself or your team members.

Now you'll be able to breakthrough barriers and make things happen in your network marketing business.

The First Thing You Must Do In Order To Overcome This

The first thing you want to do is get clarity on what you mean by saying this. So what does “getting out of your own way” mean to you?

One response might be… “I can't seem to get myself moving in the business.” 

Another example could be… “I want to do the business, but I never get around to it.”

One suggestion would be to see where the fear is coming from.

If you're talking with a team member of yours, are they holding themselves back because they're afraid of prospecting?

This is something you want to drill down on and really find out what it is for them.

Again the goal is to get clarity on what this means for you or them.

Taking Consistent Action And Moving Through Mental Barriers

The outcome you want is to get people into motion.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. I've found this also true for people.

Make sure you watch my video above and take notes.

Then start taking consistent action and working with your people to overcome this mental barrier. Doing this with your team will strengthen the relationship greatly.

Not to mention, there's no greater feeling than helping people create success in their life. In this episode #106, It's about… “Getting Out of Your Own Way”.

Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

Stay fearless,

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