How to Make 10 Grand a Month in your Car

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How to Make 10 Grand a Month in your Car

I'm sure a lot of people would want to learn How to Make 10 Grand a Month in their car.  I'm not at all joking here.  Mark did it. And…he did it for one very simple reason:  he looked at his time differently.

Some of you may have heard me share this story about how my friend Mark got to $10,000 a month working from his car.

No…he wasn't living in his car, he was working from it during his commute time.

The biggest issue, or certainly at the very top is people's LACK OF TIME.  How many times have you heard a prospect say, “I just don't have the time.”  And…it leaves you with what?  The frustration of wondering how to respond to them or how to help them, right?  Or…we just go on to the next prospect and take it at face value that they just don't have any time to do a business.

Here's the important thing you need to know if you're ever going to make 10 grand in your car.

You have to look at your time differently.  Most people think of a drive to the grocery store as “a drive to the grocery store.”  Or…a ride to a friend's house as a “ride to a friend's house.”  A walk around the block as a “walk around the block.”

True.  That's what they are.  But…why not do this instead?  A drive to the grocery store is at least two calls for my business.  A walk around the block is a call.  A commute into work is three calls.  You see where I am going here?  Your lunch break is now an hour long prospecting session preceded by choking down a sandwich for 10-minutes.

How important is becoming successful to you?
How valuable do you perceive this business to be for you in your life?

The secret is that it's no secret.  People have the time, they just don't look at it that way.

The second and equally important part of you learning how to make 10 grand in your car…or anywhere else for that matter is this:  you have to be prepared (ready) for it.  It just doesn't “happen” all on it's own.  You have to make it happen.

And…here's how you make it happen.  You print out your list.  You have your prospect list ready.  You take it everywhere you go.  It never leaves your side.  Why?

Here's why.  The moment you have a break, a window, a pocket of time…you make a call.  These little tiny pockets of time can add up over time.  It's called the Compound Effect.  You've heard of it.  And…it works right here, with what I'm sharing with you now.

So…again, for if you want to know HOW TO MAKE 10 GRAND A MONTH IN YOUR CAR, do this:

  1. Look at your time differently.
  2. Be prepared and always have your list handy.

That's it.  Pretty simple.  And…yes it DOES work.

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