The Secret Sauce for Success on Stage

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Want to know what the “Secret Sauce is for Success on Stage?

Well…let me tell you.  Success on stage or success in your meetings doesn't involve “shooting from the hip” and hoping.  That is the exact opposite of what you want to do.  I'm keeping this post a bit quick…

I'm heading out for an afternoon date with the wife and had this little “video idea” on my drive home from my massage this morning to teach you this lesson.  Not really sure how it was going to go, since it involved simply turning on the camera and letting things fly.

And…just to clarify, when I say “success on stage” here, it has multiple meanings, as the platform comes in many forms, including:  in front of a camera, in a one-on-one meeting, giving a small group presentation, or speaking on a call or webinar.

Anytime you are about to give a presentation for something…that's what I am talking about here.

If you watch how completely (and in this case, purposefully) disjointed and disorganized I am…you'd probably feel sorry for me if it was real.  The sad news is that people do this kind of stuff in business all the time.

They show up not ready, ill-prepared, look dis-shoveled, and yet wonder why their business isn't growing at all.

This video teaches a very important lesson that we should all pay attention to…that is, if we are wanting the BEST from our business efforts.  We need to plan and be prepared for what we're about to do.

Preparation is crucial.  Readiness is a must.  You know the phrase, “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.”

Yea…that one.  That fits in perfectly right here.  Want to increase your luck, your odds, your success rate?  Pretty darn simple really.  Be READY.

Never step on the platform without reading through your content a few times.
Don't ever go into a meeting without at least rehearsing it in your mind.

Don't you dare go on stage without first practicing your presentation and getting things tight, including the timing.   
Never walk into a meeting without having a clear idea of who it is you're meeting with and how they might respond.

I could go on…just be ready.  Another message this week on the subject of not being lazy.

Short post.  Let me know what you think.

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